Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 356

When Tian Hao’s words fell, the atmosphere in the entire mobile phone shop instantly froze.
Whether it was Shen Yumei, or the fat boss and others, they couldn’t believe their ears.
Cell phone?
Which older version of Nokia?
Everyone couldn’t understand why Tian Hao was so wide and young, looking at this tattered thing?
Shen Yumei only felt that her head was down . She was confused at the moment and handed the phone over.
However, what made her even more unbelievable.
When Tian Hao received the mobile phone, he seemed to be receiving a holy object, and he bowed his waist, and then picked it up with his hands!
It seems, for fear of breaking or dirtying this cell phone.
Wow… In this scene, Shen Yumei, the fat boss, and every customer around, almost fell from their eyes.
They simply cannot understand!
What’s so special about this old Nokia? Not only does it attract the broad young masters like Tian Hao, but even the small actions of connecting them to mobile phones are so pious and respectful.
It’s more than that!
After receiving the mobile phone, a group of young and old including Tian Hao and Qiu Jie surrounded them.
Their eyes seemed to be completely attracted by this old Nokia, and they couldn’t move their eyes away.
“Yes…yes! Tiger shark keys, tungsten steel gold! Hao… Brother Hao! This is a real devil machine!”
At the moment, Qiu Jie, a young man with glasses, was wiping his glasses while facing Tian Hao. People said excitedly.
“Oh my god, it’s a devil machine! You look at the tiger shark keys. It is said that every tiger shark skin on the keyboard is the skin of a tiger shark’s jaw, polished out!”
“There is also the tungsten steel gold at the back. One gram is one hundred thousand yuan! Such a big piece, awkward… I can buy several Lamborghini of me!”
After hearing these excited discussions!
Shen Yumei was dumbfounded!
The fat boss is dumbfounded!
And the customers around are even harder to believe their ears!
The keyboard is polished from the jaw skin of a tiger shark?
The outer shell is made of tungsten steel gold of one hundred thousand pieces per gram?
How many Lamborghini can you buy with just the shell?
This… how is this so possible!
Especially Shen Yumei, she only felt that her three views were completely shattered.
“Lin Fan, brat, he…what did he do? Where did he buy this phone?”
Shen Yumei only felt a tingling scalp.
In her mind, the afternoon scene emerged involuntarily.
She finally understood!
Why Zhang Tianli, the top mobile phone designer of China, also worshipped and asked to observe this mobile phone.
I also understand why Zhang Tianli seemed to be frightened when he turned his mobile phone.
Lin Fan, that bastard, let her use this phone… to smash walnuts?
Thinking of the scene where she smashed a walnut in the afternoon, Shen Yumei only felt her heart dripping with blood.
That prodigal son!
Smashing one gram of the shell would cost more than 100,000!
Thinking of this, Shen Yumei wanted to slap Lin Fan’s little bastard to death.
And at this moment, just when Shen Yumei was thinking about it.
Tian Hao brought a group of Kuo Shao, holding the devil machine, and came over:
“Auntie, can you transfer this mobile phone to me?”
“I can pay…10 million!”

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