Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 366

Just heard this!
Qiu Jie, Lin Guangyao and others were taken aback.
On a road with a lot of traffic, the speed is 220?
What a joke!
Wow…In an instant, Qiu Jie and others burst into laughter.
“Hahaha…Xu Ziheng, you don’t brag and don’t make drafts! Are you an idiot? On a swift road with a speed of one hundred and five, even if it is awesome! If it reaches 180, only professional racers can dare Play like this!”
“Do you guys in Jiangshi do it? Hahaha… You laughed at me!” Qiu Jie almost got angry with a smile.
He immediately thought that Xu Ziheng was bragging.
Because for a person like him, it is common for people like him to drag racing on the road, but it is almost always in the early morning when there is very little traffic.
If you change to daytime!
Let alone drag racing, if there is a traffic jam, the speed of one hundred cannot be raised.
And if you want to completely reach more than 220 under that situation, this is the world’s top racing driver, and it is impossible.
Because it not only requires extraordinary agility and reaction ability, but also the skill of the car condition, to control to the extreme, there is such a possibility!
It is definitely the existence of the global car king.
Will Jiangshi have a global car king?
It’s an idiot thought.
Not only Qiu Jie!
The people nearby also burst into laughter: “Xu Ziheng, come on you! Globally, under the turbulent flow of traffic, only the legendary car king KING has done it!”
“Yeah! KING is the myth! He was on the streets of Thailand where traffic jams were civilized, and his speed soared to 220. He eventually killed the Thai decapitator and became famous in World War I! So far, no one has been in the same situation. , Broke his record!”
“The most awesome thing about KING is the corner killing! This is purely a death racing technique! The corner does not decelerate, but accelerates, purely a lunatic!”
The people around laughed.
But when it comes to the name’KING’, almost everyone’s face is full of admiration.
Because that person is a myth in the racing world!
Many well-known racers around the world have traveled to Thailand to challenge the KING record in the same traffic flow, but none of them succeeded.
This also allowed fans of the racing industry to add the name KING to that person!
See everyone questioning!
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian almost exploded their lungs. They blushed and their necks were thick, and continued:
“Bringing? Qiu Jie, you are too arrogant!”
“I tell you, if I brag, I will not die, I have seen That person is comparable to KING! He can also kill in corners! ”
Xu Ziheng’s swear words made the smiles on Qiu Jie and others’ faces gradually quiet.
The rich second generation of them rarely swears!
And Xu Ziheng even swore his life, which made them have to take it seriously.
“You really have such a character in Jiangshi?”
“What’s his name?”
Qiu Jie was extremely curious at this moment.
Even the palm of his hand was itchy. In Jiangnan Province, except Tian Hao, he could not find a comparable existence. If Jiang City really had such a person, he would have to force that person out for whatever he said.
Huh huh!
At this moment, the eyes of the other supercar members also fell on Xu Ziheng’s body, and the eyes were full of questions, doubts and disbelief!
Xu Ziheng wanted to say Lin Fan’s name right now.
It was just that Zhang Tian, ​​who was next to him, quickly grabbed him:
“Brother Ziheng, our father once told him that he should not be mentioned casually! Did you forget that?”
Zhang Tian knows!
Since they offended Lin Fan that time, the two had almost never been beaten to death by Xu Tianlong and Zhang Guohao.
It is a severe admonition. The two of them must not mention Lin Fan casually in front of outsiders, otherwise they will not be punished severely.
Heard this!
Only then did Xu Ziheng react, and the corners of his mouth twitched, and he could only swallow the words that came to his lips.
This scene made Qiu Jie and the others even more curious:
“What? You Dashao Xu didn’t even dare to mention that person’s name?”
Qiu Jie and the others were a little unbelievable.
After all, Xu Ziheng is the young master of Tianlong Group, this kind of character definitely exists sideways in Jiangshi.
Now, I am so afraid of a person’s name.
This is simply unimaginable.
at this time!
Lin Guangyao, who was next to him, rolled his eyes, and a grinning smile suddenly appeared on his face:
“Master Qiu, I know who Xu Ziheng is talking about?”

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