Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 367

Seeing Lin Guangyao actually stand up, the interest of Qiu Jie and others rose instantly.
Next to him, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were almost dripping with gloomy faces!
“Lin Guangyao, you have to stop! If you dare to name that person, I must kill you!”
Xu Ziheng’s face turned pale!
He faintly listened to his father and sighed in the study that it was a dragon!
Who provokes, who will die!
Especially, Xu Ziheng knew that Lin Fan was the real big boss behind the Tianlong Group!
This made him admire Lin Fan to the extreme, and he was naturally unwilling to cause trouble for Lin Fan at this moment.
Lin Guangyao smiled gloomily, and said playfully, “Huh! Xu Ziheng, you are really in vain as the second master of Jiang City. You are so jealous and embarrassing about a trash!”
In Xu Ziheng’s mouth, that person was like a car god.
But in Lin Guangyao’s mouth, it became rubbish, which made Qiu Jie and others puzzled and puzzled.
Not only them!
Even the veiled young girl and the two tall bodyguards next to them became interested in an instant and looked towards this place.
“Lin Guangyao, say it! Why is that person a trash? What’s his name?”
Qiu Jie and others were extremely curious.
And just under their expectations.
The corner of Lin Guangyao’s mouth curled up, and he slowly uttered two words: “Lin Fan!”
Wow… As soon as these words came out, the expressions of Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian instantly became ugly to the extreme.
They know the princelings like Qiu Jie. These people know that there is such a racer in Jiangshi. It must be like a hunter who saw the prey. Seeing the hunting heart, they will naturally provoke Lin Fan.
For an instant, Xu Ziheng couldn’t wait to slap himself.
It’s okay what Lin Fan is doing!
His heart is extremely guilty.
However, everyone did not notice.
After hearing Lin Fan’s name, the masked girl who was extremely mysterious and resembled Zhang Yichen’s body trembled fiercely, and could hardly believe her ears.
“Is it him again?” A wry smile appeared at the corner of the girl’s mouth under the veil.
For some reason, where she seemed to go, that name would follow her like a shadow.
Let her never forget, never forget!
“Huh? This name is familiar, where did you hear it?”
Qiu Jie also frowned.
He faintly knew this name, but he couldn’t remember it.
He shook his head and threw this weird idea out of his mind. Instead, he turned his head and asked Lin Guangyao curiously: “Lin Guangyao, why are you talking about that guy named Lin Fan?” He looked at him
. All fell on Lin Guangyao’s face.
Lin Guangyao immediately reached the extreme with pride.
At the moment, he whispered and said,
“Young Master Qiu, you don’t know! That Lin Fan is a door-to-door son-in-law. He has never been out to work for three full years from his adultery to his wife’s house! He is always eating and waiting. Die, wash and cook!”
“You said, how come this kind of person is not a waste?”
When Lin Guangyao’s words came out, Qiu Jie and others were in an uproar.
No work for three years!
Washing and cooking every day?
Is this still a man?
Suddenly, the impression of Qiu Jie and others towards Lin Fan was extremely low, and the sounds of ridicule appeared one after another.
“There is such a useless thing to eat soft rice! Humph, Xu Ziheng goes back more and more alive, and still worships this kind of person!”
“Yeah, just a door-to-door son-in-law, I really don’t know what Xu Ziheng is afraid of, even the waste. I don’t dare to say the name!”
Many supercar members talked a lot, and in every sentence, almost all of them carried a deep disdain and contempt for Lin Fan.

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