Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 370

Hearing this, Qiu Jie and the others’ complexions changed, and they knew that this was the home of the enemy.
“Okay! So that phone belongs to you!”
A funny smile appeared on the corner of Qiu Jie’s mouth.
He pushed his glasses and looked at Lin Fan up and down, and a contemptuous curve appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Boy, do you know what that phone is? I tell you, you are a little door-to-door son-in-law who is not qualified to hold it. That kind of fetish!”
“Do you want to come to seek revenge? Good!”
Qiu Jie waved his palm behind him, and the four supercar members gathered around him.
Each of these young people was tall and mammoth, especially their bodies, there was a faint anger.
It seems that they have seen the existence of blood.
See this scene!
Lin Guangyao got up from the ground, and then asked Qiu Jie:
” Young Master Qiu, this kid is a bit tricky! Can those young and old, be able to subdue him?”
Hearing this, Qiu Jie and the rest of the supercar members were taken aback, then burst into laughter instantly.
“Hahaha, Lin Guangyao, you might not know their experience!”
Qiu Jie pointed to these four members with a proud and proud face, and introduced:
“This one, called Xia Shan, was 18 years old. Participated in the selection of the U.S. Navy SEALs and was successfully selected. He served for three years! He killed four African hyenas with his bare hands!”
“That one, named Li Yitian! His family opened a fighting gym and had participated in Jiangnan Amateur In the fighting competition, three moves to abolish the opponent and win the championship successfully!”
Listening to Qiu Jie introducing the four people one by one, Lin Guangyao, Xu Ziheng, and Zhang Tian were shocked.
Only then did they understand that these princeling members were hiding dragons and crouching tigers.
It can be said!
These four young people, any one of them can be drawn out, and they can all beat ten and win.
And now, they are dealing with Lin Fan together, and Lin Fan’s end will naturally be terrible.
“Mr. Lin…”
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were anxious at this moment and wanted to persuade them, but they knew that Qiu Jie and others would never give themselves face.
And Lin Guangyao smiled in his heart, as if he had seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being beaten by these four people with blood on his face.
Just when Qiu Jie and others were talking about it.
One of the four young fighters, Li Yitian, stared at Lin Fan with a playful expression on his face and said:
“Boy, we robbed your mother’s phone, what can you do?”
” Do you want to be interrupted by us?” Or break the leg? Hehehe…”
Li finished talking all day, and immediately laughed with the three people next to him.
As if in the eyes of the four, Lin Fan was just the fish on the chopping board, waiting for their slaughter.
Just heard this!
The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly:
“Break your legs!”
“Not just the four of you, but all the guys who go to grab the phones, I will break your legs slowly one by one!”
Lin Fan’s words made the smiles on Li Yitian’s four faces a little stiff.
And just when they were furious and wanted to curse.
Lin Fan’s figure, like lightning, suddenly disappeared in place.
Like a shadow like a charm!
When the four saw it again, Lin Fan had already come to them.
“Not good! Retreat!”
Li Yitian was shocked by the four of them. They realized that they couldn’t even see Lin Fan’s moving figure clearly. At the moment, their complexion changed drastically, and they all wanted to retreat .
But they responded quickly!
Lin Fan is faster!
“People can retreat, keep their legs!” As soon as the words fell, Lin Fan’s stature became short, and he swept out his legs.
In an instant, the scene that shocked everyone’s eyes appeared!

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