Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 369

The moment I saw Santana, the atmosphere at the foot of the mountain fell into a kind of dead silence.
Everyone’s eyes widened and could hardly believe everything he saw!
“It turned out to be… Santana? How could this be possible!”
Everyone just felt their heart, as if being caught by an invisible big hand, almost suffocating them.
Especially Luo Ling, the girl who spoke of Santana before, covered her small mouth tightly as if she had seen a ghost.
“I…I’m right! Someone actually rushed here in Santana!”
Luo Ling was a little confused.
After all, she was very clear about the steepness of this top mountain.
Not to mention night, even during the day, it takes half a day for a Santana to rush up.
If you are not careful, you will roll down the mountain road, and the car will be destroyed and killed.
And now!
Not only did someone drove Santana up the mountain, but that person rushed in front of everyone at such an astonishing speed, which made everyone look like a ghost.
“Who is this person? Is it a member of our supercar?”
“Yes, in Jiangnan Province, only members of our club have this kind of technology? But why does he drive a Santana?”
Everyone At this moment, one after another is guessing the identity of the owner.
And at this moment!
Santana’s car door pushed open from inside, and then a figure walked down.
And when you look at the person in front of you clearly, whether it is Xu Ziheng, Zhang Tian or Lin Guangyao, they all exclaimed.
“Lin…Mr. Lin!”
“Lin Fan!”
When the three people’s exclamation reached everyone’s ears, the pupils of Qiu Jie and others shrank.
They didn’t expect to say that Cao Cao arrived, especially from the look of this guy, it seems that there are really two brushes for racing cars.
However, this does not stop.
After Lin Fan got out of the car, he looked at the scene here, his brows frowned slightly, a hint of cold luster, flashing and jumping in his eyes:
“Who is Tian Hao! Get out!”
A single word made the entire foot of the mountain in an uproar. Whether it was Qiu Jie and others, or Lin Guangyao, they couldn’t believe their ears.
Is this guy crazy?
Let Tian Hao get out, this is almost dead.
In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, and they were full of hostility and unkindness.
And see this scene!
Lin Guangyao’s heart was so happy.
In his eyes, Lin Fan’s move was absolutely self-defeating. After all, who Tian Hao was, that was the young master of the Tian Group and the leader of the Jiangnan Princely Party.
Every one of the rich second generations here regards Tian Hao as his big brother.
And now, when Lin Fan came up, he let Tian Hao get out. This wasn’t just looking for death, what it was.
At the moment, Lin Guangyao quickly stood up and said:
“Lin Fan, what are you, what right do you have to find Big Brother Tian Hao?”
“I advise you to get acquainted and get out quickly, otherwise…” Lin Guangyao resented Lin Fan extremely, right now. It was to show his personal connections in front of Lin Fan, and the more capable Qiu Jie and others recognized.
It’s just that his words just came out!
A slap in the face instantly slapped him on the face, slapped his whole person into the air.
Puffed and fell to the ground.
This is more than that.
Lin Guangyao only felt his cheek bones, as if they were all broken by Lin Fan’s slap, and it was extremely painful.
A sweet throat, wow a mouthful of blood, spurted out wildly.
“I…my teeth! My face…”
Lin Guangyao was completely stunned. He saw that among the blood he vomited, there were his teeth. At this moment, he just opened his mouth. Feel the air leaking in your mouth.
“You hit me? You still scolded Tian Shao! Lin Fan, you are looking for death, you are over…” Lin Guangyao looked at Lin Fan at this moment, and even wanted to eat him.
Lin Fan didn’t bother to take care of a small role like Lin Guangyao. His eyes swept through Qiu Jie and others, and his eyes grew colder and colder:
“Who was at the mobile phone shop this evening and stole my mom’s phone?
” Get out!”

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