Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 377

“Look, it’s a mile away! In just a few minutes, Santana was thrown out of sight. This car is really no suspense!”
“Seven hundred meters, hahaha, one kilometer soon!”
“It’s a thousand meters now! It’s over, that Santana can be announced to give up!”
The faces of many supercar members showed a strong excitement and playfulness.
Such an easy and freehand rolling!
For them, the fun of racing is simply lost.
In the sight of everyone, the distance between Lamborghini and Santana is getting farther and farther.
From one thousand meters to one thousand two, one thousand five!
Lamborghini has come to the first sharp turn.
“Look, the turn has begun! Young Master Jie’s rapid drift is simply an art!”
With a sound resounding, everyone suddenly saw it in the video.
Lamborghini draws a beautiful drift line, from a sharp turn, drifting past easily!
Everyone saw this scene, and once again admired Qiu Jie’s racing skills on the mountain track.
And after a while!
When Santana was about to rush towards the first sharp turn, the fun of everyone around him once again spread.
“Hahaha, do you think this guy can drift? He won’t float down the mountain by himself, then he will die!”
This sentence made the faces of all supercar members around him more curious and playful.
On the side, Huzi and Heizi, as well as Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian’s complexions, instantly became gloomy.
“Boy, if you hurt our lady, my tiger will definitely break your body!”
The two bodyguards, cold sweat trickled down their foreheads at this moment.
Their nerves were almost tense.
My heart is beating wildly, worry is permeated!
The incredible thing happened to everyone!
When they were about to rush to the first sharp turn, everyone was stunned to see that, instead of slowing down, Santana made a roar and suddenly accelerated.
The vehicle speed has also soared from 120 to 150!
When this scene appeared, the eyes of everyone in front of the screen almost fell out.
Turning acceleration?
Isn’t this… Isn’t this looking for death?
“It’s over!”
Huzi and Heizi, the two bodyguards, just felt that their eyes were dark at this moment, and they almost fainted with fright.
And the surrounding supercar members were in an uproar!
“Hahaha, looking for death, doesn’t this guy know how to race? He is accelerating in a sharp turn, and he is committing suicide!”
“Turning acceleration? Does he think he is the global car king KING? Does he want to come to a corner to kill?”
Almost No one believed that at such a fast speed, Lin Fan’s Santana could survive the first sharp turn.
fling in teeth!
Everyone was full of excitement, waiting to see Lin Fan’s joke.
Things that shocked them appeared.
Santana did not stop after the speed soared to 150.
The car’s engine, as if it was going to be scrapped, made a sore noise.
Then soared directly to the limit 170!
“170! This guy is absolutely crazy!”
All the supercar members only felt a numb scalp. After all, Lamborghini had to brake quickly to drift.
The speed is just over 100!
Now, Lin Fan’s turning speed is almost twice that of Lamborghini.

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