Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 378

Especially, seeing Santana getting closer and closer to the sharp turn, even those super runners, they only feel that their heart reaches their throat, almost popping out!
Three hundred meters!
One hundred meters!
Fifty meters!
Under everyone’s nervous sight, Santana quickly rushed to the sharp turn, and then the entire front of the car suddenly picked!
The body seemed to be rotating at right angles, unexpectedly turning out of a sharp turn and speeding past.
Even one of the rear tires has fallen to the corner of the cliff!
Rushed past!
I saw Santana flying past the first sharp turn at an incredible speed and an incredible angle!
Everyone in front of the entire display screen was struck by lightning, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.
It seemed that everyone’s voice had disappeared, and only the sound of the hands of the timer remained.
The dense cold sweat dripped down from the foreheads of supercar members.
“I… I saw it just now. Kill in a corner?” A member rubbed his eyes, even suspecting that he was blinded.
Turn to kill!
That’s right!
When making a sharp turn, do not slow down, but accelerate instead.
At the turning point, he ran across at an incredible angle.
This is the ultimate racing skill of the global car king KING!
It has been regarded as a super god-like classic racing technology by the global racing community. Until now, no one except KING can complete it.
but now!
They actually saw a corner kill in a Santana!
Almost no one can believe what they saw.
“Oh my God, it’s getting closer! The distance between Santana and Lamborghini has been reduced from 1700 to one thousand five! Now one thousand three!”
When this scream resounded, all the supercar members trembled and quickly turned their eyes to look again.
They discovered that after the first sharp turn and the corner kill was achieved, the distance between Santana and Lamborghini was suddenly shortened by several hundred meters!
A turn, was overtaken hundreds of meters!
This is definitely an incredible thing.
Many supercar members began to swallow continuously:
“There are so many sharp turns behind, is it…”
An unbelievable conjecture emerged in everyone’s mind.
If Santana can continue the miracle of the first sharp turn and successfully use the corner to kill, then it is impossible to predict who will die in the end.
this moment!
Everyone feels that the suspense of this racing has once again come.
On the other side, Huzi and Heizi, they breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Santana successfully pass the first sharp turn.
They discovered that their backs were completely wet with cold sweat.
The scene just now was so thrilling, the two even suspected that they were about to have a heart attack.
More than them!
“No…impossible! Lin Fan is just a door-to-door son-in-law, he… he is not a professional racer, how can he use the corners of the global car king KING to kill!”
Lin Guangyao was struck by lightning, as if he had seen a ghost.
And on his side!
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian jumped up in excitement:
“Idol! We really didn’t make a mistake, Mr. Lin is definitely a super enchanting evildoer in the car!”
“Curve kill! Goodness, he can not only be on the smooth roads” , Using KING’s stunt, even on such a rugged and steep mountain track, Mr. Lin is comparable to KING!”

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