Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 38

Liyuan Gardens.
Shen Yumei sat in the house of her neighbor, Aunt Zhang, restless, embarrassment and helplessness written on her face.
“His Aunt Shen, do you think I look good in this one?” Aunt Zhang changed into brightly colored clothes, turned around in front of Shen Yumei, and said with a smug expression:
“Ah! My son-in-law is so filial This dress is worth thousands of dollars
!” ”
Tsk tsk , it is too expensive!” Although Aunt Zhang said expensive, the smile on her face was so proud of the spring breeze.
next to!
Aunt Zhang’s daughter and son-in-law also wore glamorous clothes.
Daughter Xiaocui quickly said:
“Mom! Look at you, and still feel sorry for the money! Our family Kong Peng is now the manager of the Best Store warehouse! Tens of thousands a month!”
“Don’t care about this little money!”
When Xiao Cui said this, her arms could not help but embrace the arms of the young man next to her, her face full of happiness and sweetness.
The young man Kong Peng also proudly said:
“Xiao Cui is right! Mom, my leader takes me very seriously, and my salary is doubled. From now on, I will buy you a new dress every month! Not just a few thousand dollars. Is it?” The son-in-law Kong Peng’s face is full of local tyrants, as if he doesn’t take these thousands of dollars seriously.
This scene made Shen Yumei’s heart full of flavours.
The same son-in-law, why is the son-in-law so filial and so capable.
And her son-in-law…
Thinking of Lin Fan, Shen Yumei’s heart was only deeply bitter and unwilling.
“He’s Aunt Shen, it’s not that I said you, your son-in-law, leave now!” Aunt Zhang, wearing beautiful new clothes, sat next to Shen Yumei, and said politely:
“Look at him, what’s the point? ! daily laundry cooking, not earn a penny! but also on his wife to feed, where now there are so many useless people, ah! ”
Aunt Zhang pointed to her son-in-law Kong Peng:
“Wait someday, I will let Kong Peng introduce her single colleague next to Bai Yi! Pick any one, and it is better than that trash!”
Aunt Zhang looked down on Lin Fan in her heart. .
And hear this!
Shen Yumei’s heart was even more uncomfortable.
Thinking of Lin Fan’s diligence, and the last time she helped herself out, and even saved their family with a prescription, Shen Yumei couldn’t help but said:
“Lin Fan is not bad now! He has become the chief technical consultant of the Bai Group!”
Chief Technical Consultant ?
Hearing this, Aunt Zhang grinned and asked with contempt:
“Then tell me, how much is his chief consultant, how much a month?”
This sentence completely made Shen Yumei dumb.
All she knows is that although Lin Fan has become the chief technical adviser of the Bai Group, she never mentioned the treatment.
Basically, there is no salary and no compensation.
To put it bluntly, it means to be a coolie and do nothing for nothing!
“Look! I said, that kid is not promising!” Aunt Zhang grasped this weakness and started to arrange Lin Fan’s not:
“Look at our family Kong Peng, although it sounds like a manager, in fact, The monthly salary is tens of thousands, and the work unit is Best Mall! We are the largest shopping mall in Jiang City! Just grab a little, and it is tens of thousands!”
“Your family’s white Iraq, tens of thousands a month will block it!”
He said.
Aunt Zhang couldn’t help looking at Kong Peng and said:
“Kong Peng, another day you will help Aunt Shen’s daughter to find a good one!”
“Good! Mom!”
Kong Peng said to Shen Yumei with pride and contentment. Aunt, my mother is right! Now men should make money to support the family, not to support the family. What’s the difference between it and waste!”
“Look at my mother, a famous brand! I will help you find a good son-in-law someday, promise You also wear famous brands every day!”
“Where is Lin Fan, poor and innocent, like a beggar! This kind of person, I am afraid that he will not be able to afford a brand-name clothes for a lifetime!”
Kong Peng said, sputtering.
As if standing at the highest place, contemptuously spurned Lin Fan.
And his words made Shen Yumei’s heart more bitter, and her disappointment towards Lin Fan became more intense.
Just at this moment, there were footsteps outside.
“Excuse me, is Mrs. Shen here?”

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