Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 39

Hearing this, everyone in the room was taken aback, and then all stood up and walked towards the door.
When I walked to the door, I suddenly saw that luxury cars had stopped outside the courtyard.
A man in a suit and shoes stood in a row.
Everyone held a dazzling array of things in their hands.
There are clothes, leather shoes, bird’s nest and cordyceps, sea cucumber and abalone, and antique calligraphy and painting…
When Kong Peng saw the middle-aged man headed, he was shocked:
“Wu…Boss Wu!”
Kong Peng was completely stunned, because the middle-aged man standing in the front turned out to be his big boss, the owner of Best Shopping Mall-Wu Guangrong!
Not only that!
Behind Wu Guangrong, the general manager and deputy general manager of Follower Shopping Mall, as well as a large number of group executives.
“Kong Peng, do you know?” Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui looked at Kong Peng beamingly at this moment.
After all, Wu Guangrong and others, one by one in suits and shoes, seem to have extraordinary status.
And everyone has gifts in their hands.
Is this coming to see Kong Peng?
Thinking of this, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui’s hearts showed a deep ecstasy, and their expressions became even more triumphant.
Heard this.
Kong Peng also thought that Wu Guangrong and others must have come to him.
After all, he is one of the outstanding elites of Best Shopping Mall.
“Mom! Xiaocui! The leader is our boss Wu of Best Shopping, followed by our general manager and deputy general manager!”
Kong Peng’s heart was extremely excited.
He didn’t expect that his performance attracted Wu Guangrong’s attention, and even the other party personally came to the door, which is simply a great honor.
When they heard that the middle-aged man in the lead was the owner of Best Shopping Mall, Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui who were next to him were shocked.
“Oh my god! Husband, you are so good now! Boss Wu actually came to visit!”
“Yeah, Xiaopeng! You are amazing!”
Aunt Zhang was also full of excitement and couldn’t help but turn to Shen Yumei and said:
“His Aunt Shen, did you see it? How powerful is my son-in-law, and the boss came here personally!”
“So, you quickly divorce Bai Yi and that waste Lin Fan! Find a son-in-law who is as good as my Xiaopeng!”
Zhang The aunt smiled from ear to ear.
And her words made Shen Yumei’s heart more bitter.
Even she has to admit that Kong Peng, a manager, has the ability to let the boss visit the door in person, which is too good!
“Boss Wu, why are you here? Hurry! Please sit inside!”
At this moment, Kong Peng hurried forward and said respectfully to Wu Guangrong.
Just heard this!
Wu Guangrong was taken aback for a moment, and asked in confusion,
“Who are you?”
This sentence made Kong Peng, Aunt Zhang, Xiao Cui, and others all bewildered.
Didn’t Boss Wu come to see Kong Peng?
How come you don’t even know Kong Peng himself.
Kong Peng’s complexion was slightly stiff, and then he said with a slight embarrassment:
“Boss Wu, I am Kong Peng, the new manager in charge of the warehouse! Didn’t you come to me?”
Hearing this, Wu Guangrong suddenly understood.
Looking for you?
What a shit!
Only a small manager, how qualified to know him Wu Guangrong.
“Huh! What kind of thing are you worthy of my visit by Wu Guangrong?”
Wu Guangrong’s words didn’t leave any affection.
The expressions on the faces of Kong Peng, Aunt Zhang and others froze completely.
However, there is more to it!
Wu Guangrong continued:
“We are here, Mrs. Lin’s mother-in-law, Ms. Shen Yumei? Excuse me, which one is Ms. Shen?”
As soon as this remark came out, not only Kong Peng and the others were shocked, but even Shen Yumei herself was dumbfounded.
She never thought that such a group of big people would come to find herself?
Could Lin Fan cause trouble again?
Thinking of this, Shen Yumei’s heart fell cold, and she said tremblingly:
“I…My name is Shen! Is it my son-in-law Lin Fan that you are talking about, Mr. Lin?”
Hear this!
Wu Guangrong’s eyes lit up immediately, and then he brought a group of senior group leaders, including the general manager and vice president, to Shen Yumei’s body.
Then, Qi Qi bowed!
“Ms. Shen, hello! I am Wu Guangrong, you can just call me Xiao Wu!”
“Mr. Lin is a super VIP of our Best Shopping Mall! This time, we specially brought thirty-two Armani men’s clothing and twelve pieces. Women’s clothing, and some gifts, specially come to visit your old man!”

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