Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 381

Qiu Jie previously thought that with his Lamborghini’s super speed and his beautiful drifting skills, Lin Fan could be thrown away.
But now, he couldn’t believe that a Santana was really about to catch up with him.
“Quickly, did this bastard do anything? How could he catch up with me? What happened!”
Qiu Jie was going crazy at this moment.
After being overtaken by a Santana, his reputation as the king of Jiangnan cars will be completely reduced to a joke.
Even, he has no face to remain in the racing world.
However, immediately after Qiu Jie heard the shocking voice on the phone, it was as if those supercar members still couldn’t believe what happened.
“Jie… Brother Jie, that kid can kill in a corner! You have already thrown him nearly two kilometers away, but this guy, every time you kill in a corner, you will be closer to four or five hundred meters!”
Turn to kill!
When these three words fell into Qiu Jie’s ears, his palms shook instantly.
The whole Lamborghini shook suddenly, and almost rushed towards the cliff beside it.
“Damn it!”
Qiu Jie’s expression changed drastically, and immediately grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and twitched suddenly.
Lamborghini, the front of the car twisted and pulled back from the edge of the cliff.
So hanging!
A cold sweat of crashing ran down from Qiu Jie’s forehead, his eyelids jumped wildly:
“It’s about to get to the next corner, won’t that guy be able to finish the corner kill, right?”
Qiu Jie’s eyelids , Jumping wildly.
Is that a corner kill?
KING, the global car king, used a broken Jeep on the congested roads in Thailand to chase Thailand’s most brutal squad to the sky and the ground.
The most important thing is to use the corner to kill.
This kind of stunt, every turn, not only keeps your speed constant, but soars, thus covering up the natural disadvantages of the vehicle.
But now.
This global professional racing driver, stunt racing technology that can’t be completed, how can a small door-to-door son-in-law do it.
When Qiu Jie saw the third sharp turn and appeared not far in front, his heart beat wildly.
100 meters!
Fifty meters!

When seeing the third sharp turn, getting closer and closer, Qiu Jie subconsciously stepped on the brake and wanted to drift Lamborghini again.
But on the sole of his foot, he just stepped on the brake!
There was a buzzing sound on the nearby track, and then under Qiu Jie’s incredible sight.
The Santana is capable of 170 speeds, and the Lamborghini surpassed the past.
Then the front of the car turned violently from an incredible angle.
At this moment Qiu Jie was completely dumbfounded.
Bend… bend!
This really turned out to be a corner kill.
A trace of cold air followed Qiu Jie’s soles and ran straight to his forehead.
“Damn it! Damn it!”
When Qiu Jie drifted through the third sharp turn, he found that Santana in front had already pulled himself a hundred meters away.
A trace of shame emerged from the bottom of Qiu Jie’s heart.
He just felt like he had been slapped severely, making him want to find a place to get in.
And at this moment!
Within the phone, the voice of the supercar member resounded again.

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