Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 383

She just felt her heart beating wildly.
Especially, the things under the ass became harder and harder, which made her body completely weakened.
The whole person was almost lying on Lin Fan’s chest, without a trace of strength.
In those beautiful eyes, there is a strong spring mood!
It looks so coquettish and charming.
At the same time!
In front of the display screen at the foot of the mountain, all the supercar members gathered here, watching the pictures on the video.
And when everyone saw that Lamborghini was about to knock Santana off the cliff, those supercar members suddenly burst into excitement cheers.
“Hahaha… Brother Jie is awesome, that kid almost died !” “Knock him to death, let this bastard know the fate of insulting our princelings!”
“Second hit! Huh? Is that girl okay? ”
Everyone watched the footage on the video and talked.
Especially, when they saw Qiu Jie’s second collision, Lin Fan unexpectedly pulled the girl onto him, everyone was a little unbelievable.
after all!
This reaction ability, this snatch power, are simply scary.
And compared to everyone!
After seeing this scene, Huzi and Heizi, two bodyguards, were almost scared to death.
“Asshole Qiu Jie! If you or he dare to hurt our lady, I promise, you are full of enemies, you will not keep the chickens and dogs!”
“Fuck, this little bitch with the surname Qi, I won’t be able to strip him alive. Him!” The two gritted their teeth with hatred.
Especially, when they saw that Lin Fan rescued the masked girl, they breathed a long sigh of relief, and they were extremely grateful to Lin Fan.
Immediately afterwards, everyone in front of the screen found something wrong.
“I… my goodness! What are that masked girl and Lin Fan doing?”
“Aren’t they driving the car to do that?”
With the exclamation of a supercar member, everyone was taken aback.
Only then did they realize that the masked girl was completely limp on Lin Fan’s body.
She winks like silk, almost dripping.
Even from the red earlobes, it can be seen that her pretty face is definitely like a red apple, radiant.
“I rely on! I rely on! I rely on! Amazing, this buddy!”
All the supercar members were dumbfounded.
They couldn’t believe that a person can drive a car, while constantly dodge the impact of Lamborghini, while being so ambiguous with a woman.
This is so rebellious!
Especially Lin Guangyao!
After seeing the masked girl lying on Lin Fan’s body with a face of satisfaction and love, the jealousy in his heart was surging!
“Asshole! What kind of magic is this trash has that makes Bai Yi and this woman treat him like this!”
Lin Guangyao was so jealous at this moment.
Just at this moment!
Everyone saw a gust of wind blowing through Santana’s broken window.
The veil on the girl’s face, under the gust of wind, flew up in an instant, revealing her original face.
However, after everyone saw that bright red, beautiful face full of spring!
Everyone’s voices disappeared.
Whether it was Lin Guangyao or all the supercar members around, at this moment, as if struck by lightning, his eyes were staring at that pretty face.
“She… She is Zhang Yichen? I… my goddess!

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