Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 384

A supercar member, as if struck by lightning, completely lost all his strength and fell to the ground.
Zhang Yichen!
That’s right, everyone recognized it at this moment.
Sitting on Lin Fan’s body, this woman with a face of love is the goddess of the Chinese nation, the hottest queen in Asia-Zhang Yichen!
“No! My goddess, how could she be here! How could it be her!”
Another stern cry resounded.
A super running wide young man, as if he was completely hit, tears flowed down the whole person’s eyes, for the Chinese man!
Zhang Yichen is definitely the goddess that every man dreams of.
But right now, when they saw that their goddess was lying on a man’s body with a face full of love, almost all the supercar members collapsed.
“Asshole! Let go of my goddess!”
“Ma’s, this little son-in-law, how dare he treat my goddess like this!”
“…” He shouted and screamed.
And Lin Guangyao’s face turned pale.
Zhang Yichen is the goddess of other supercar members. Isn’t it the goddess of Lin Guangyao?
For countless nights, he slowly fell asleep listening to Zhang Yichen’s songs.
Almost countless Zhang Yichen’s posters and video clips were collected on his computer.
But now!
Lin Guangyao’s eyes were completely red:
“Bai Yi used to be my goddess, but she married you!”
“Zhang Yichen is also my goddess, but he treats you like this!”
“Lin Fan, you bastard, you damn it!”
Lin Guangyao was going crazy.
It’s just that, even if the ghosts and wolves are howling here, Zhang Yichen and Lin Fan in the video can’t hear them at all.
In Santana, the atmosphere was extremely ambiguous.
Zhang Yichen lay on Lin Fan’s shoulder, her pretty face blushing almost bleeding.
Especially, from Lin Fan’s body, a masculine aura rushed toward her face, making her completely drunk.
“Lin…Brother Lin, I like you!”
Zhang Yichen whispered in Lin Fan’s ear.
It was like a dream:
“I like you so much…” The fragrant voices swept through Lin Fan’s ears, causing the flames in Lin Fan’s heart to burn violently.
He loves Bai Yi, but he is also a physiologically normal man and cannot ignore the male instinct.
The short warm breath that came out of Zhang Yichen’s lips made Lin Fan’s whole body shake as if he had been electrocuted.
His instinctive reaction became stronger.
Zhang Yichen couldn’t help but let out a seductive humming sound as he felt the abnormal movement of his lower body.
And this sound made Lin Fan’s body more intense.
At this moment, the situation in Santana, Qiu Jie on Lamborghini, did not know.
“Asshole! How could he avoid my impact again and again!”
Qiu Jie’s eyelids jumped wildly.
In this short distance of one kilometer, in addition to the previous two successful collisions, he was hit by Santana more than ten times afterwards, either speeding up, or slamming on the brakes. Dodge.
This reaction power, maneuverability, and agility were beyond Qiu Jie’s imagination.
“There is no time! There is one kilometer, and we are about to enter the fourth turn, and there will be more and more sharp turns!”
“If, within this kilometer distance, I cannot smash this bastard Santana. , Then I will definitely lose!”

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