Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 386

Hearing Qiu Jie’s words, Tian Hao on the other end of the phone was naturally startled.
He knows Qiu Jie’s racing skills best.
Qiu Jie is second only to himself in the entire Jiangnan City.
Tian Hao was a little unbelievable. It is incredible that a small son-in-law of Shangjiang City could make Qiu Jie suffer a big loss in the car.
But Tian Hao didn’t care too much, and nodded gloomily at the moment:
“Okay! Wait for my good news!” The words fell!
The phone hangs up.
And Tian Hao was rubbing the devil’s machine in his hand, and a trace of cruelty and cruelty appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Huh! A little ant from Jiangshi has the courage to seek revenge on Tian Hao from me, okay! In that case, then just Let you taste my Tian Hao’s methods!”
Tian Hao nodded at the hot girl in the passenger seat next to her.
That hot girl knew instantly.
Then he opened the window and stretched out a hand to the outside.
One after the other, the two supercars stopped slowly.
The door opened, and a super ran from behind, and a scar-faced youth ran down immediately.
He asked suspiciously:
“Brother Hao! Why isn’t it? Has something happened?”
Hearing this!
At the corner of Tian Hao’s mouth, a gloomy arc appeared:
“Lao San, an enemy is coming! You can solve it!”
Hear the word, Balian youth that were slightly surprised a moment, and then on the mouth, and instantly emerged out of a deep sense of insidious smile:
“ho brother rest assured, I sent him on his way!”
He said!
The scarred young man walked slowly toward the road. When he walked to the middle of the road, his eyes were fixed on the dim road ahead.
Not only that!
He drew his palm to his waist!
A black pistol emerged in his hand, raised the pistol, and took a peek at the dim road ahead, the smile on the corner of his mouth became more brutal.
And see this scene!
Tian Hao mouth, also emerged out of deep smile:
“River City, a small door-law, but only the southern third of the shooting contest winner this time, give you a lot of food!!!”
Tian Hao didn’t care. He was lying on the driver’s seat, facing the devil machine in his hand, and constantly fumbled and played:
“Devil machine, devil machine! Soon, your one is not qualified to own you. Master, it’s on the way! Let us see him off together!” That’s it!
The smile at the corner of Tian Hao’s mouth was extremely gloomy.
At the same time!
In front of the display at the foot of the mountain.
When everyone saw that Lamborghini hit the mountainside and was almost scrapped, the faces of the supercar members were instantly pale.
“Lost…Ma, this time, the Devil Machine is gone, and our legs are also lost!” The supercar members were as ugly as death.
They couldn’t believe that Qiu Jie, the car king, really lost.
The sports car was smashed, and even if it could drive, it completely lost its ability to race.
Thinking of the previous gambling agreement and Lin Fan’s abolition of Li Yitian’s four-person cruelty, every supercar member felt a furry in his heart.
And see this scene!
Lin Guangyao said to everyone:
“Don’t worry, everyone, I guess that kid can’t get down the mountain alive!”
Those supercar members were taken aback for a moment, and they had not yet waited for their inquiry.
Lin Guangyao’s gaze was to a black video window, and a touch of gloom and playfulness appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Didn’t you see? Brother Hao, who ran in the front, drove the sports car in after answering a call. Within the blind zone of the camera!”

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