Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 387

Blind spot!
That’s right!
The entire Gyro Mountain, almost every intersection and track, is covered by cameras, allowing these racing spectators to control the racing situation at any time.
However, there is only one place with a broken camera.
That is the only blind spot of the entire spinning top track.
“You mean! Brother Hao received a call from Brother Jie, and then deliberately parked the sports car in the blind spot!”

Which is… to get rid of that bastard?” This guess, just exited!
All the disappointment and unwillingness on the faces of all supercar members were swept away, and a strong excitement and shock appeared on everyone’s face.
“Yes! Did you forget? Brother Hehao is racing, but the youngest! He once won our Jiangnan Province, the first place in the shooting competition! The bullets were all fired!”
“Yes! I understand, that bastard! It’s over, hahaha… Jie’s hatred can also be reported!”
The comments of many supercar members were full of madness and brutality.
And after hearing this!
Heizi and Huzi’s two bodyguards changed their faces.
Because their young lady, Zhang Yichen is still in Lin Fan’s car.
And now!
Tian Hao wants to lose Lin Fan, doesn’t it mean that his own miss is also in danger of life.
“Damn! Go and save our lady!”
The two bodyguards suddenly came to Zhang Yichen’s sports car, and then quickly got on the car.
When Zhang Yichen’s supercar made a roaring sound, he flew away in the direction of Luoshan Mountain.
This scene shocked Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian:
“Go! Protect Mr. Lin!” The two got into their sports car right now.
Although their sports car has just lost to Qiu Jie, it has not been delivered yet, and the keys are still in their hands.
When there was another supercar, with a buzzing sound, it rushed towards the Luoshan Mountain.
The whole foot of the mountain is completely boiling!
“Go! Let’s see how that kid died!”
“Hahaha…When these people arrived, Lin Fan would have already become the dead soul of the youngest third!”
Many supercar members said while talking. , And got on their own sports cars one after another.
The humming sound is endless, one after another supercar, toward the direction of the top of the mountain, hurried away.
Just for all of this!
Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen knew nothing.
At this moment, the atmosphere in the car is extremely charming.
Zhang Yichen’s pretty face was blushing, almost bleeding, and a pair of beautiful eyes was full of spring, with a thrilling charm and temptation.
She was completely lost, and her whole person was like an octopus, lying on Lin Fan’s body.
When another sharp turn, just ramped past.
The inertial friction brought by Santana made Zhang Yichen’s body almost the same as Lin Fan.
Zhang Yichen shuddered and almost exhaled.
But at this moment.
Lin Fan’s eyes were staring at the front, a glimmer of gloomy light flickered.
After he saw, under the dim street light in front of it, with a young, standing in middle of the road, hands held up, a dark muzzle, aligning their cars, looking transient Lin Fan:
discourse After falling, Lin Fan’s big hand grabbed Zhang Yichen’s back, and then pressed her under his crotch.
As for himself, his head tilted slightly to the side.

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