Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 388

“Lin…Brother Lin…”
Zhang Yichen’s pretty face almost touched Lin Fan’s crotch, and her pretty face was full of shame and consternation.
However, just when her shameful words were just uttered.
A gunshot exploded.
Then Zhang Yichen heard the sound of bullets shooting through the window.
Gun… Gunshots?
Zhang Yichen’s whole body was dumbfounded, and her pretty face instantly turned pale.
Only then did she know that Lin Fan had saved her life once again, otherwise, she would most likely be shot to the head.
In front of the road, under the shadow of the street lamp, the youngest brow wrinkled slightly.
With the shot just now, he completely aimed at the heads of two people in the car.
But he couldn’t imagine that the other party reacted so quickly. First, he pressed the woman’s head down, and then the head flashed past.
“Damn it!”
Now the old three adjusted the angle again, aiming at the Santana window.
Then he pulled the trigger hard.
When the gunfire exploded, the corners of the youngest’s mouth showed a brutal arc.
He can be sure that this shot will make the kid headshot with one shot.
As soon as his smile appeared, it instantly solidified.
I saw that at the moment he just pulled the trigger, Lin Fan in Santana suddenly turned his hands against the steering wheel.
that Santana, at an incredible angle, the entire body tilted slightly.
Then, Ding Dong.
The bullet hit the car body instantly, bursting out a spark.
“This…impossible!” The youngest’s eyes almost fell out at this moment.
If it were said that Lin Fan was completely lucky with the first shot, but this shot would definitely hit the target 100%.
But now…
“Could it be that this bastard can even flash through bullets? How is this possible!”
The heart of the youngest was almost shocking.
When the roar of the engine got closer and closer, the youngest saw Santana galloping towards him, and his expression changed greatly:
“I don’t believe it! You can really avoid bullets!”
A trace of sorrow Cruel, appearing from the bottom of the eyes of the youngest, he tried to calm his mind, then raised his hand and raised his gun, aimed at the target, and pulled the trigger again and again!
Bang bang bang!
The gunfire, like thunder, continued to explode.
One after another, bullets pierced the air and shot towards Santana who was rushing in.
It’s just that the scene that made the third child even more incredible, appeared.
The Santana that was getting closer, suddenly twisted the body with an irregular curve.
And with each twist of it, a bullet burst into the car body.
Sparks continuously flashed out from Santana’s body.
But there was no bullet that hit Lin Fan.
The third child was completely dumbfounded at this moment.
As a champion of a shooting competition, he has never seen anyone who can dodge bullets.
I have never heard that someone can dodge a bullet while driving.
Fantastic Nights.
The current scene completely subverted his cognition.
“Not good…”
Seeing Santana getting closer and closer, the heart of the youngest was instantly mentioned in his throat, and dense cold sweat was constantly surging from his forehead.
“This bastard is going to hit me, I’ll kill you! I must kill you!” With that, the youngest squeezed the trigger once again at Santana.

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