Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 400

That’s it!
All the fear and terror that Lin Guangyao had against Lin Fan completely disappeared without a trace:
“Lin Fan, you wait! Tian Hao and the others are a bunch of rubbish, you have bluffed me, but I, Lin Guangyao, have known you for three years. I will definitely not be frightened by you! I will retaliate, I will retaliate!”
Lin Guangyao gritted his teeth, and after swearing in Lin Fan’s heart, he got in the car, escorted by two Tian family bodyguards, and got off. Top mountain.
Lin Guangyao didn’t know, just after he left.
Tian Hao asked Tian Changfa and the others tremblingly:
“Dad, what you told me on the phone is true?”
“That Lin Fan, really is Master Lin?”
Qiu Jie’s complexion changed drastically as soon as he said this.
Lin… Master Lin?
Qiu Jie’s eyes were almost taken off by surprise. In an instant, he finally understood that Tian Hao had broken his leg.
However, Lin Fan’s identity as Master Lin makes him somewhat unbelievable anyway.
“No…impossible!” Qiu Jie asked Tian Chang with a look of ghosts on his face, “Uncle Tian, ​​are you mistaken! That Lin Fan seems to be in his early twenties, and We are about the same age, how could he be the first master Lin of our Jiangnan martial arts! This is absolutely impossible!”
Qiu Jie couldn’t believe it .
Tian Hao and others are equally unbelievable.
All the members of the princeling party stared at Tian Changfa.
However, Tian Changfa’s next sentence was to make all members of the princeling party be struck by lightning.
“I can tell you clearly!”
“Lin Fan, Lin is not only a master, he was a forest geniuses! Is behind the River City dictator, north of the city knife lords, South Tiger boss behind the scenes, as well as behind the scenes BOSS Dragon Group, Golden Age club!”
When Tian Changfa’s words fell, whether it was Qiu Jie or all the other princelings, they were completely confused.
Master Lin!
Doctor Lin!
Underground dictator!
The BOSS of Tianlong and Glory!
With each of these identities, Qiu Jie and the others only felt like they were dreaming, and could not believe their ears at all.
However, this is just the beginning.
“Who is the idol you most admire?” Tian Changfa looked at Tian Hao and the others with a complicated face, and then asked nonchalantly.
Hearing this, whether it was Tian Hao or Qiu Jie, they were all taken aback.
They didn’t understand how Tian Changfa suddenly got involved with his idol.
“Of course it is the global car king KING!”
Qiu Jie replied subconsciously.
Their princelings are all supercar lovers, and in the global racing world, if there is a god, it is the global car king KING!
No one has seen the true face of KING, and he has never participated in any unusual professional racing.
However, his legend has been circulated in the global racing community and has become a myth.
On the streets of Thailand, chasing down the first deceiving division in Thailand with corners, and finally let that old monster splash the streets with blood.
On the Green Avenue in the United States, he even used the 100-meter speed technique to send Roger, the underground emperor of the United States, to the west.
In Rome, Italy, he chased ten streets and used death car skills to intercept the devil Pope Kohler in front of the Vatican.

One legend after another.
Let the global racing community worship and worship like a god.
In the eyes of all professional racers, KING is the terminator of fast racing.
He is known as the strongest death racer on earth!
At this moment, I heard Qiu Jie’s words of worship.
Tian Hao, and all the members of the princelings, nodded involuntarily.
KING is their absolute idol!
no doubt.
After hearing this, the corner of Tian Changfa’s mouth twitched slightly, and then said with a wry smile:
“I also want to tell you about Mr. Lin’s other identity!”
Looking at Tian Changfa’s expression and listening to his words, an incredible thought appeared in everyone’s minds.
“Mr. Lin, it’s KING!”

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