Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 401

Mr. Lin, it is KING!
This sentence, like a burst of thunder, made Qiu Jie, Tian Hao, and all the other members of the princeling party tremble so hard that they could hardly believe their ears.
how can that be.
The idol they worshiped, the god KING they believed in, appeared in front of them alive, and even staged a happy killing with everyone?
Everyone’s face was flashed with deep consternation and doubt.
“Dad, how do you know that Mr. Lin is KING? He is so young, and he is still a son-in-law in a small third-tier city, this…this is impossible!”
Tian Hao was stunned.
KING is his idol. He always thought that that talent was the coolest and most dazzling man in the world.
But now, when he learns that his idol is actually only a door-to-door son-in-law, how he can believe it is even more difficult to accept.
Tian Changfa didn’t explain, instead he waved at the bodyguard behind.
Suddenly, another bodyguard came up with a tablet computer.
When he clicked on a video.
There was a scene that made Tian Hao extremely familiar.
Thai corner kill!
This scene is regarded as the best classic in the racing industry. Tian Hao has watched this video countless times.
At this moment, under the eyes of everyone and above the video, two cars were speeding on the road in Thailand with heavy traffic.
A Bugatti Veyron hummed through the traffic.
In the rear, a tattered jeep, with an incredible speed and technique after another, passed through the vegetable market one after another, and drove through one curve after another.
The speed of this Jeep didn’t stand still.
Even if it is a sharp corner, it still can’t fly at speed.
It was like a strong wind sweeping the streets of Thailand.
a street!
Five streets!
Ten streets!
Everyone saw that the jeep in the video, the limited-edition Bugatti, chased the sky and had no way into the ground.
Until Bugatti was about to turn around the eleventh street with a smooth drift.
The jeep seemed to have fallen from the sky, galloping out of a small alley, and slammed into the body of Bugatti.
Impeccably precise.
Bugatti’s body in drifting shattered in an instant, rolling over on the ground.
The number one head-down division of Thailand within it was hit and beaten to the extreme, embarrassed to the extreme.
And just in the first head-down division, struggling to escape from Bugatti’s broken body.
The door of the Jeep opened.
KING walked down wearing a grimace mask.
“The figure of KING seems to be…Lin Fan?”
At this moment, after seeing the figure of KING in the video, whether it is Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and others, they all breathed and couldn’t believe their eyes.
They discovered that Lin Fan’s body and walking posture were almost the same as KING.
“Are they really the same person?”
If they hadn’t seen Lin Fan, Tian Hao and others would not be able to connect him with the world-famous car king KING.
And now…
everyone only feels that their hearts are shaking.
Because of this figure, this posture, it is so similar.
Everyone saw that the KING in the video only used a dagger to cut off the head of Thailand’s first descending head division and walked away. Everyone still could not react from the previous shock.
This is more than that.
One turn of the video.
This is a scene shot by a camera on a dark road.
A Jeep stopped slowly at an alleyway, and then King took a wrapped head and walked off.
When he took off the grimace mask on his face, slowly.
That profile face was revealed in front of everyone.
Whether it was Tian Hao or Qiu Jie and others, their eyes widened.
“He… he is Lin Fan!”

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