Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 404

Liyuan Gardens.
When Lin Fan returned to Bai Yi’s house, he immediately saw that luxury cars had been parked in front of the door.
This scene made Lin Fan frown slightly when he got out of the car and walked into the room.
Huh huh!
One after another, they all looked towards Lin Fan.
At this time, Lin Fan discovered that in the room, apart from Bai Yi’s family of three, even the old man Bai, the uncle Bai Hai, and Bai Yifan had all arrived.
In particular, everyone is chattering and noisy, it seems that they are arguing about what is going on.
Seeing Lin Fan coming in, Mrs. Bai and others immediately surrounded him.
“Lin Fan, are you really looking for Tian Hao’s princelings?” Old Madam Bai’s expression was serious and solemn.
The rest of the uncle Bai Hai and others also looked at Lin Fan, full of scrutiny and questioning.
See this scene!
Lin Fan nodded lightly:
As soon as he said this, there was an uproar in the whole room.
White old man’s face, and instantly emerge deep anger, turned his head toward the white family of three in Iraq, severely scolded:
“!? Youngest, you see if you see what your son did this idiot,”
“he should For a broken cell phone, for a slap in the face, I went to the group of Jiangnan princelings in Tian Hao. He was going to kill our Bai family!”
The words of the old man were full of anger and panic.
This afternoon!
They got the news that Shen Yumei provoked Tian Hao and others because of a mobile phone, and immediately scared their family to pee.
That’s the princeling in Jiangnan!
Behind every member of the family, there is a terrifying chaebol.
Provoked that group of second generations, it was almost a disaster for the Bai family.
Neither Grandpa Bai nor all the other senior members of the Bai family could sit back and watch. The Bai Group that just wanted to rise was destroyed because of Lin Fan’s stupidity.
This is how everyone came to ask the crime.
And heard the anger of the old lady.
The complexion of Bai Yi’s family turned pale instantly.
“Xiao…Xiao Fan, is the phone coming back?” Shen Yumei asked, staring at Lin Fan nervously.
Among the people here.
Only Shen Yumei knew what happened.
She saw with her own eyes that big men such as Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong called Lin Fan a BOSS, and she also saw with her own eyes that Lord Tiger, Lord Dao, and even No.1 Zhang Guohao and others looked forward to Lin Fan.
She is the only one who has confidence in Lin Fan and is not even afraid of the princelings.
Hearing this, everyone looked at Lin Fan again.
Especially when they saw that Lin Fan nodded and took out an old Nokia Nokia from his pocket.
Everyone exploded completely.
Grandpa Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and others looked at Lin Fan, full of anger and resentment:
“Lin Fan! Are you crazy? You…you actually got from the hands of those princelings, Regained this broken mobile phone?”
“It’s over! This time, I must have offended the princelings. Those second generations will definitely not let go!”
The words of many senior leaders of the Bai family were full of panic. The color.
As if the end is coming!
Make every senior of the Bai family face pale as paper.
Not only them!
Even Baishan and Baiyi had a tingling scalp.
“Xiao…Xiaofan! What have you done? How can those princelings willingly return the phone to you?” Bai Shan looked at his son-in-law at this moment, full of incredible incredibleness.
After all, he just heard his wife say that those princelings were arrogant and rampant.
Those second generations will never return their mobile phones for no reason. Something that they dare not imagine must have happened.
Immediately after Lin Fan’s words, it was like a bolt from the blue sky, making everyone completely bewildered.
“I just let them break my legs!

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