Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 412

“Maybe I feel wrong!”
Even the old lady Bai shook his head in disbelief.
But at this moment.
They continued to hear Tian Changfa and others say:
“Mrs. Shen, when we just came in, we heard that you are going to establish the New Bai Group? If possible, I hope that in the future, all the cooperation of our Tian family in Jiang City will be given to You Xin Bai Group will do it! ”
This sentence made the faces of the old lady and others completely pale.
After all, they know that the Tian Group’s business in Jiangshi is also worth hundreds of millions, a big piece of fat.
In particular, Tian Changfa had found Bai Yi before and handed over the preparation of this business to the Bai Group.
And now!
Thought of this!
Grandpa Bai was anxious in an instant. He ran forward swayingly and said to Tian Changfa:
“Tian… Patriarch Tian, ​​you can’t do this. Some time ago, you didn’t go to our Bai family group to reach Bai Yi Da Has the intention of cooperation been reached? How can they be changed as soon as they are said to be changed? Moreover, their new Baishi, who has not even registered the company, can be trusted? ”
Old Mrs. Bai would never have thought that with just a name of’New Bai’, he would let a person like Tian Changfa prepare to hand over his business to Shen Yumei’s family.
This is like a child’s play.
In the old man behind the White Sea, who also quickly said:
“Tian patriarch, we Pak River City Group is a large enterprise their new Pak, just a shell of it you will not be fooled!!!”
“Yes Ah, the two of us have reached a cooperative intention, we can’t just change it!”
The core of every Bai family was completely impatient.
After all, this is about the vital interests of each of them.
Just looking at the appearance of these people!
Tian Changfa almost laughed angrily.
He has seen idiots, but he has never seen it, this group of idiots pushing out his God of Wealth.
100 million orders?
They may never know that in Mr. Lin’s eyes, 100 million orders are just a drop in the bucket.
Thinking of this, Tian Chang gave a cold smile: “Huh! Have you forgotten? Before, the reason why our Tian family approached you for cooperation was entirely because of the face of President Bai Yi!” “Otherwise, what do you have in Xiaobai’s house? Qualification, talk to us about cooperation! Are you worthy? ”
In a word, it was like a burst of thunder, making Grandpa Bai and others completely confused.
Bai Yi’s face?
They originally thought that the reason why Bai Yi received orders from Jiangnan Tian Family, Qiu Family, Red Maple Group, and Yunhai Qi Family was entirely in the name of his Bai Family Group.
But even in dreams, they turned out to be for Bai Yi’s face.
How could a little Bai Yi alarm so many powerful leaders to come to the door in person to discuss cooperation?
This is simply incredible.
Not only was the many Bai family members in disbelief, even Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
She couldn’t even dream that her face was so great.
However, this is just the beginning.
Among the many Bai family members, they looked like dead gray faces.
The host of the enemy family, Qiu Feng, took a step forward and said to Shen Yumei:
“My enemy, also decided to hand over all the business of Jiangshi under the new Bai family !” “My Li family, the same!”
“My Zhou family, the same!”
One after another Jiangnan chaebol patriarch stood It came out, and one order with a high price was sent to New Baishi!

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