Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 413

An order!
Five orders!
Ten orders!

Under the stunned expressions of all the Bai family members, each of the Jiangnan bigwigs promised to hand over the Jiangshi industry under their family to the New Bai Group.
In just a few minutes, Xinbai’s relied on only one name, and actually received huge orders worth hundreds of millions.
This strong ability to absorb gold makes every white family member’s scalp numb for a while.
At this moment, all the Bai family regarded the new Bai family of Bai Yi family as an unprecedented terrible enemy.
At this moment, the most shocking person belongs to Shen Yumei.
Her hands are densely packed with cheques.
Especially, the series of 0s on each check made her dizzy.
Not to mention, there is a super order promised by these Jiangnan chaebols.
This is definitely a pie falling from the sky.
Thought of this!
Shen Yumei’s gaze couldn’t help but turned to Lin Fan, a trace of complexity and disbelief appeared in her eyes.
Only she knew that all of this might be because of Lin Fan.
If it’s not because of that devil machine.
Perhaps, my mother-in-law, never knew that this trash son-in-law who was ridiculed and beaten by her every day, unexpectedly hides such a terrifying and mysterious huge energy.
When Shen Yumei thought of the Devil’s machine, she was taken aback for a moment, and then facing Lin Fan, she asked suspiciously:
“Xiao Fan , this afternoon, your Aunt Rowling called you and said that Zhang Yichen would be dangerous. Is it real?”
Shen Yumei remembered.
In the afternoon, a woman named Rowling called Lin Fan to warn that Zhang Yichen was in danger.
This incident was originally a joke in her eyes.
But now, she faintly felt that this matter was not as simple as she had imagined. In other words, Zhang Yichen, a young Asian queen, might be really dangerous.
After hearing Shen Yumei’s words.
Whether it was Bai Yi, Bai Mountain, or the Bai family, such as the old man, all stayed for a while.
“Mom! What are you talking about? Lin Fan doesn’t know Zhang Yichen, how can he know if Zhang Yichen is in danger?”
Bai Yi frowned and said to his mother.
Do not know why!
After returning from the afternoon, she found her mother was a little weird.
Next to him, Bai Shan smiled at Shen Yumei and said,
“Wife, are you confused? Didn’t you tell me this afternoon? That call is a liar call!” A liar call!
Hearing the words of the father and daughter, Shen Yumei’s mouth twitched fiercely.
Even if she killed her now, she didn’t believe in the nonsense of Lin Fan, a bastard kid!
What a three-hundred-yuan mobile phone stall!
I pooh your face!
This kid obviously has a lot of things hidden from his family.
Looking at Shen Yumei’s expression, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smiled bitterly, then shrugged and said:
“Mom! Don’t worry, I am here, even if Zhang Yichen is really in danger, he can be unharmed!”
Lin Fan’s words fell in the ears of Bai Yi and the others, as well as the white old lady and the others, making them stunned again.
Shen Yumei’s nonsense, forget it.
They didn’t expect that Lin Fan would actually take advantage of this opportunity to make a big splash.
“Hahaha…this rubbish, he really thinks of himself as a green onion! Does he know Zhang Yichen?”
“Yes, and he is there. Even if Zhang Yichen is in danger, he can be unharmed. This is simply bragging not to draft ! ” ”
…… ”
white sea, Bai Yifan, who, looking to Lin Fan eyes, as if looking at a fool.
However, their smiles just appeared.
I was surprised to see it.
Whether it is Tian Changfa or Qiu Feng and other big guys, they nodded to Shen Yumei and comforted them solemnly: “Mrs. Shen, don’t worry! Mr. Lin will be able to do it!”
“Yes! Mr. Lin is here !” , There is nothing impossible!”

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