Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 416

Especially terrible!
Among the top ten East Asian killers, every killer above is… a master character!
“Oh my god, it seems that this time the young master really has the blood! The blood wolf was invited! I just don’t know if the blood wolf’s strength is as scary as the rumors!”
“Yes! Only twenty! He has reached the realm of a grandmaster when he is many years old. To be honest, I don’t believe it at all!”
“Humph! When the blood wolf arrives, we’ll know when we try it!”
Zhang Yi waited for eight bodyguards, and talked a lot at this moment.
They were shocked by the reputation of the blood wolf, but questioned the strength of the blood wolf.
After all, the other party is too young!
Especially, his experience is simply legendary, which makes people have to question the true and false!
Just when everyone was talking.
A cold wind blew across the airport suddenly, and then everyone only felt a flower in front of them, and suddenly a young man with a snakeskin bag appeared in front of everyone silently.
“Are you talking about me?”
As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Yi waited for the eight bodyguards, their expressions changed, one by one turned around.
Everyone suddenly saw that the person standing in front of them was a young man wearing a T-shirt.
Only in his twenties, with long bangs hanging down from his forehead, almost covering one of his eyes.
At the corner of his mouth, there was always a faint smile, giving people a shy and green feeling.
Not only that!
This person’s clothes are shabby.
A pair of canvas shoes, which look less than a hundred dollars, a pair of jeans, has been washed and turned white, coupled with a stall-style T-shirt, and a snakeskin bag on the shoulder, no matter how you look at it, it looks like a newcomer Rural youth working in the city.
“You… are you a blood wolf?”
After seeing the young man, even the butler Fu Ming was taken aback for a while, almost unable to believe his eyes.
He just heard of it. The blood wolf is extremely cruel.
Anyone who is shot, up to eighty-year-olds, down to babies waiting to be fed, has no one to live.
In his heart, this is definitely a vicious and evil person.
But Fu Ming, the housekeeper, couldn’t think that it turned out to be dressed up as a migrant worker who just entered the city.
“That’s right! I am the blood wolf!” The young man smiled slightly, took out a box of granular candies from his pocket, and then poured out eight or nine of them, and said with a smile into his mouth.
have to say!
Blood Wolf’s smile was extremely honest and kind.
It seems that there is a simple atmosphere. If you only look at his clothes and smile, you will definitely think that this is definitely a migrant worker, no doubt.
Look at the appearance of the blood wolf!
The faces of Zhang Yi and the others were disappointed.
“Yes! We are just talking about you, you were the first great, but ……”
he said!
Zhang Yi waited for the eyes of the eight bodyguards, looked up and down at the clothes of the blood wolf, and laughed at all:
“It just looks like an old hat who just entered the city! I am afraid that our young master’s money will be spent! ”
Hahaha…that’s right! Boy, are you sure it’s not a counterfeit? I tell you, the person to be dealt with this time, but there are the top ten martial arts masters in the south of the Yangtze River!”
The eight bodyguards continued to mock the young blood wolf.
Even Fu Ming, the housekeeper, was deeply impressed by the words of Zhang Yi and others. At this moment, he even suspected that the guy in front of him was a fake.

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