Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 420

After hearing the words of the middle-aged paparazzi, Huzi and Heizi were taken aback.
Can’t get the face up?
how can that be.
The two knew that when these two paparazzi took these photos, whether it was Zhang Yichen, Lin Fan, or themselves, they were secretly photographed without realizing it.
In this case, Zhang Yichen and the two of them were secretly taken so many clear photos, but Lin Fan could not be taken?
This is simply a fantasy.
“Come on! The technology is bad, the technology is bad! According to your statement, this person is like a devil!”
Huzi did not believe the words of the middle-aged paparazzi, and immediately deleted some sensitive photos. , Then returned the camera.
“Two, you haven’t told me yet, is that person Lin Fan, the trash son-in-law of the Bai family?”
“Also, if so, is Miss Zhang Yichen and Lin Fan related again?” The middle-aged paparazzi still asked unwillingly Tao.
However, Huzi and Heizi were willing to answer, and immediately beckoned, a few members of the guards immediately jumped up, set up the two, and walked straight out of the lobby.
Until the two were carried away.
Heizi said with some surprise:
“Huzi, do you think that Lin Fan is really a super expert?”
“I have heard that after a person’s cultivation has reached a certain level of horror, There is a natural protection against sneak shooting and sniping! No one can sneak a photo, and no one can snipe it! ”
Hearing Heizi’s words, Huzi’s head was dazed.
Super master?
He has naturally heard this statement, but that kind of super master, even if it is placed in the world, is absolutely rare.
Either one is a peerless boss.
How could it be that Lin Fan was so young.
“Heizi, I think you are completely scared by Lin Fan! This guy, in addition to his great driving skills, his fist is just average, otherwise, none of the princelings can survive!”
Huzi shook his head and smiled. Said disdainfully.
Hearing this, Heizi nodded involuntarily.
That’s right!
If they are really super masters, how can those princelings who have offended Lin Fan survive?
“Perhaps, I think too much!”
Shaking his head, Heizi immediately thought of Lin Fan as a super expert and threw out his mind.

And at the same time!
The two paparazzi were also thrown away from the hotel by members of the Zhang family’s guard.
The two struggled from the ground and patted the dust on their bodies, as if they were accustomed to everything.
“Boss! What do we do now? Still filming?” the young paparazzi asked the middle-aged paparazzi.
This middle-aged paparazzi is the boss of their newspaper.
Every time a big man comes to Jiang City, his boss will almost act personally, bringing himself to sneak a photo.
But today, it was unfortunate. Not only did he miss the man who was with Zhang Yichen, he was found whereabouts.
“Shoot! Be sure to shoot!” The middle-aged paparazzi looked at the Hilton Hotel with excitement with his eyes full of excitement and excitement:
“Don’t you see it? Zhang Yichen’s family obviously took all the Hilton tonight!”
“Furthermore, so many Zhang family guards have been mobilized, and they even invited the top ten national magicians in Jiangnan to protect them. Zhang Yichen!”
“I have a hunch that something big must happen tonight!”
This sentence made the young paparazzi’s eyes brighten.
That’s right!
They were hidden outside the hotel and took pictures for several days. Today is obviously something extraordinary.
Right now, the two of them looked at each other, and there was a strong excitement and excitement on their faces, and they once again found a very hidden place and hid.
Point the camera in your hand at the hotel entrance.

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