Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 424

That’s a living life.
And now!
All die for her!
This made Zhang Yichen hate the blood wolf and the person behind the scenes to the extreme.
Thinking of this, Zhang Yichen closed her beautiful eyes, her jade hand grabbed the siren, and then pressed hard:
“Brother Lin, I…need you!”

At the same time!
The moment Zhang Yichen pressed the alarm, he was in the Liyuan Mansion, ten miles away.
Lin Fan’s Devil Machine suddenly emitted a slight electronic sound.
Although the voice was faint, Lin Fan opened his eyes when it resounded.
He glanced at the faintly flickering Devil Machine, and a hint of cold luster began to flicker in Lin Fan’s eyes:
“Is it finally here?” He said!
There was a hint of excitement in his eyes.
After three years of silence, he has never met a master.
But now, the person who can let Aunt Cather Rowling call the warning in person, naturally aroused Lin Fan’s keen interest.
At the moment, he slowly got up from the floor, got up, and put on his clothes. After seeing Bai Yi still sleeping extremely sweetly, he gave Bai Yi a deep kiss on the forehead and walked out of the room. .
Around Bai Yi’s courtyard.
In every corner, there is a figure hidden.
And Bai Yifan is constantly patrolling, facing the bodyguards of the Bai family from time to time, constantly reprimanding:
” Be alert, keep an eye on me, if that kid appears, you must follow him!”
“There is also a monitor, show me carefully! That bastard, if there is any secret, it must be at night!”
In the afternoon!
After Mrs. Bai confessed, Bai Yifan moved quickly.
He quietly installed cameras one after another around the courtyard wall of Bai Yi’s house.
Not to mention a big living person, even if a fly comes out of it, he can definitely find it.
After scolding the bodyguards.
Bai Yifan’s gaze couldn’t help but took a deep look at Bai Yi’s home, and there was a deep sense of complexity and resentment flashing in his eyes:
“Lin Fan, are you really hiding in my Bai’s house like my grandfather and my father said? After three years, but with an unimaginable identity?”
“I don’t believe it! I just believe that you are a trash, a bastard who eats soft rice!” Bai Yifan finished bitterly.
But at this moment!
He only felt as if a cold wind came out of Bai Yi’s house, instantly causing the surrounding air temperature to plummet.
This is more than that.
“Master, look at it, our camera, why are all spent?”
When he heard an exclamation from a bodyguard, Bai Yifan hurried to a corner next to him.
There, a bodyguard was holding a computer and exclaimed.
There should have been six screens in the computer, and each screen corresponds to an invisible camera. Every corner around Bai Yi’s house and every road nearby can be photographed clearly.
but now!
The six video screens were all covered with snowflakes, and there was nothing to be seen at all.
“Ma’s! Who bought this invisible camera? It’s a bunch of trash!”
“Quick fix! If that bastard ran out, you must be the only one who asked!”
Bai Yifan suddenly became angry.
But he didn’t notice at all, a ghost-like figure flashed past the courtyard wall of Bai Yi’s house, and suddenly disappeared into the vast night.

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