Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 425

A road next to the Hilton Hotel.
Fu Ming, the housekeeper in Rolls-Royce, immediately after seeing the blood wolf, he killed all the twelve Zhang family guards, and he immediately cheered excitedly:
“God, sure enough. As expected to be the youngest super killer in East Asia, this method is unbelievable!”
“This time, Zhang Yichen is doomed to escape, and the future Zhang family must belong to the young master!”
Thought of this.
Fu Ming hurriedly took out his mobile phone, then found the communication number of’Young Master’, and directly dialed it.
The phone was connected, and there were bursts of deafening music and women’s groans.
Needless to think, Fu Ming also knew that his young master was spending time and drinking again, venting on women.
“Fu Ming, how’s it going?” A slightly thick young voice rang from the phone.
His voice, panting, seemed to be on the phone while conquering the woman under him.
Heard this.
Fu Ming hurriedly said excitedly : “Master, Mr. Blood Wolf has already started to act. He almost met two of them and killed the twelve guards sent by the family!”
“It’s too strong!”
To Fu Ming’s answer , The young man on the phone, as if not surprisingly, was still struggling to exercise: “That’s natural, he is a blood wolf, and Ben Shao spent hundreds of millions of yuan before he was invited here!”
“With those stupid family guards , How could it be his opponent!” That’s it!
The youth heard a heavy breath again, accompanied by a woman’s painful groan.
“Fu Ming, don’t hang up the phone, you continue to broadcast it to me!”
“Hey! Young Master is going to play this hooves today while listening to the good news!” The young man’s voice was full of evil.
Fu obviously knew his young master’s evil taste, and immediately nodded and agreed.
He turned his eyes to look outside.
Continue to say:
“Master, now those guards are all dead. Next, Mr. Blood Wolf will face Zhang Yichen’s two bodyguards-Hu Zi and Hei Zi!”
He continued to broadcast live to his Master in Fu Ming. When explaining.
The door of the hotel!
The blood wolf carrying a snakeskin bag suddenly took a step forward.
On the soles of his feet, stepping on the body of a guard, walked towards the door step by step.
Scarlet, spilled all over the ground, making the atmosphere here extremely depressing and dull.
Large beads of sweat dripped from Huzi and Heizi’s foreheads.
Although the two of them were born in China’s top special forces, they still have no chance of winning against the blood wolf who has reached the master level.
“Hold him! Mr. Kong Sheng, they must be arranging the evacuation of the young lady. We must buy them time!”
Heizi’s face was extremely solemn.
And when he heard this, the tiger next to him was also excited.
But, just when the two are ready to go, ready to fight to the death!
They were stunned to see that the blood wolf walking forward suddenly stopped.
This scene made Huzi and Heizi stunned for a moment, and they looked at the blood wolf, and they all showed a trace of confusion.
“Hey… wait a minute, wait for your people to come together!”
The corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth curled up, and a playful word came.
This sentence made Hu Zi and Hei Zi stay for a while, but at this moment, they suddenly heard the sound of rapid footsteps in the hotel behind.
The two hurriedly looked back, and suddenly saw that eight Jiangnan martial arts masters were walking together towards this place.

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