Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 43

Hearing his father’s laughter, Huang Tao only felt excited about every cell in his body, and he jumped for joy:
“Dad, what are you going to do?”
Huang Guosheng grinned : “Remember, it was not Wu Guangrong who hit you, but Lin Fan who hit you!”
The two of Huang Tao were taken aback for a moment, and then immediately reacted:
“Dad, do you want my uncle to come forward?”
Huang Tao’s uncle is the captain of the Jiang City Police Detachment.
And if Lin Fan beat him, then his uncle could come forward and arrest Lin Fan into the police station.
“That’s right!” In Huang Guosheng’s eyes, a thick viciousness flashed:
“As long as he is caught by your uncle, he will be forced to ask for a prescription and take away the emperor’s costume! Even in the end, let this kid die in it. ”
As soon as these words came out, Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong were ecstatic.
“Hahaha…Okay! Dad, you call my uncle and kill this little bastard! He must die!”
“My Huang family is rich, and that kid is dead! Haha…” In an instant, Huang Jiasan People laughed vigorously and viciously.

Bai’s Group!
It was nearly ten o’clock when Bai Yi and Lin Fan rode electric bikes to the group downstairs.
Old Yang did not come with them, but returned to gather his own design team.
Just walking into the gate of the group, Bai Yi’s eyebrows couldn’t help but frowned, because she found that the group was empty, especially the atmosphere, which seemed a bit dull.
“What happened?”
Bai Yi immediately took Lin Fan and took the elevator to the top floor of the group.
And just as they walked out of the elevator, the secretary greeted him anxiously:
“President Bai, you are finally here! Now the senior executives of the clothing department of the group are in a meeting, and there seems to be a quarrel!”
Bai Yi’s pretty face changed.
The clothing department, but her former director, if she was promoted to president on the first day, the clothing department would have internal conflicts, which is absolutely extremely bad.
Right now, Bai Yi took Lin Fan and walked quickly towards the conference room.
Just walked, we heard there came a Road fierce brawl:
“Well, shit, president she Paipaipigu soaring, now mess garment sector, leaving us!!!”
“Yes ah and her! That waste husband turned out to be the chief technical adviser of the shit? What qualifications does he have!”
“Now! The Huang Group has invited Yang Tianrui, one of the four major Chinese designers, to preside over the design! Our Bai Group’s The clothing department, wait to die!”
“…” The noise resounded.
And hearing these words of discussion, Bai Yi’s pretty face instantly became gloomy.
The door of the conference room opened, Bai Yi and Lin Fan stepped in!
Seeing Bai and Yi, all the shouts and noises in the conference room gradually became quiet.
It’s just that those gazes all fell on Lin Fan’s body, revealing a strong hostility and unkindness.
“Ms. Zheng, what were you talking about?” Bai Yi’s pretty face was so gloomy, he stared at a middle-aged man and asked.
This middle-aged man with fat head and big ears is the former vice president!
Also Bai Yi’s assistant!
But in the same way, in the discussion just now, his cursing was the most intense.
“Bai Yi, what I said, you should have heard it!” Mr. Zheng was not timid, he stood up, his eyes fell on Lin Fan, his face showed a deep contempt:
“I want to ask for everyone, your husband What a thing! What qualifications do you have to be the chief technical consultant of our Bai Group? Is he worthy?”
Mr. Zheng spoke tit-for-tat.
In an instant, many senior officials in the clothing department in the conference room drank again and again.
Bai Yi was promoted to president, and in the eyes of President Zheng, he, the deputy prime minister, should become the chief technical adviser, second only to Bai Yi!
And the appearance of Lin Fan shattered all his dreams, so he didn’t hate it.
Heard this!
Bai Yi’s pretty face became more and more difficult to look like:
“What do you want?”
There was a deep sarcasm at the corner of Mr. Zheng’s mouth. He glanced at the people present before saying:
“Huh! Your husband wants to be the technical consultant of the group, it’s okay!”
“But, he must first invite one, Big guys like Yang Tianrui come to preside over the costume design! Otherwise, what a shit technical consultant! Everyone said, right?”

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