Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 42

The Huang family belongs to the second-rate family in Jiangshi.
Although in terms of status, it is equal to the Bai family, but the head of the family, Huang Guosheng, is the largest medicinal material wholesaler in Jiang City.
The medicinal materials in his hand almost control 80% of Jiang City.
Just today!
Huang Guosheng’s complexion was extremely ugly. He sat on the sofa and looked at a man and a woman who were kneeling on the floor opposite. A trace of anger loomed : “What a Wu Guangrong! He dare to beat my son. Damn it!”
Huang Guosheng this time. Gritting his teeth with hate.
In normal times, he and Wu Guangrong had a lot of friendship, but they couldn’t even dream that the other party would be so cruel today and beat his son and daughter-in-law into pigs.
Huang Tao’s face was bruised and swollen with a trace of blood flowing down, looking extremely embarrassed.
There was resentment in his eyes:
“The most damn thing is that little beast! He didn’t know what method he used to let Wu Guangrong stand on his side!”
“The most hateful thing is that he snatched Mr. Yang. Let the Huang family lose face!” “Dad, you must avenge me! You must not let this little bastard Lin Fan go!”
Huang Tao’s voice was filled with resentment.
On the other side, Xu Yanhong also cried and said,
“Dad, let’s forget it! The most regrettable thing is the clothes on that little bastard! According to Mr. Yang, it was an imperial outfit, but it was worth 100 million yuan. ! Catherine’s most classic work!”
“If we get a hand, our Huang family’s name will be able to start internationally!”
Emperor costume!
Listening to Xu Yanhong’s narration, Huang Guosheng only felt his heart beating wildly, and thick greed flickered in his eyes.
Although his Huang family has a big business, the net profit for a year is only tens of millions.
This imperial costume is our net profit for two years, so Huang Guosheng is not moved.
And just when Huang Guosheng was thinking.
Ding Ding Ding!
A cell phone bell rang.
Huang Guosheng took a look, and was taken aback for a moment:
“Baichuan? Didn’t he be expelled from the family by the Bai family? How can you call me now?”
Frowning slightly, Huang Guosheng still answered the phone.
Just after that!
In the process of listening to the phone, Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong discovered that their Laozi’s expression was not good at first, but then as if they had heard something incredible, they rubbed and got up from their seats.
Not only that!
After listening to the call, Huang Guosheng’s expression was in ecstasy, as if he had encountered something shocking.
“Dad! What did Shirakawa say?” Huang Tao asked quickly.
At this moment, Huang Guosheng took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart:
“We have made a fortune! Our Huang family will definitely become so rich this time!”
Huang Guosheng’s complexion flushed with excitement, and then quickly said to Huang Tao and his wife:
” Just now, Shirakawa said to me that the little bastard Lin Fan has a prescription for the resurrection pill in his hands!”
“And this resurrection pill is a special medicine for treating the recent epidemic of AS pneumonia!”
This sentence shocked Huang Tao and his wife.
AS pneumonia has now become a panicking infectious disease among the people of Jiang City.
Whoever can control the treatment methods almost controls a source of wealth against the sky.
Huang Tao and his wife couldn’t think that Lin Fan not only had an imperial outfit, but also had such a heaven-defying prescription, which was simply incredible.
“Dad! What are you going to do?” Huang Tao was extremely excited.
If the Huang family gets this prescription, then they will definitely be able to dominate the pharmaceutical industry in Jiang City, soaring to the sky, when the time comes, they will be valued by the people above, and the people will be grateful for them, wealth and reputation will come in.
The benefits are simply unimaginable.
Huang Guosheng laughed wildly at this moment, as if he was crazy, his eyes flashed hideously:
“Lin Fan, also a wasteful son-in-law! I didn’t expect that you would be my Huang family. A treasure house for you!”
“Your prescription, your emperor outfit! I want it all!”

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