Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 432

be quiet!
At this moment, at the door of Hilton, the seriously injured Jiangnan masters opened their eyes in shock, staring in the direction of Zhang Yichen, as if they couldn’t believe what happened.
Even the whole blood wolf was struck by lightning, completely standing there.
Zhang Yichen closed her eyes, her eyebrows frowned slightly.
She originally thought that she was going to die, and she would definitely be scratched by the blood wolf’s neck, but now, why is there no trace of pain.
Thought of this!
Zhang Yichen slowly opened his eyes and looked forward in confusion.
And until then.
She was stunned to discover that a thin figure appeared in front of her without knowing when.
He stood in front of him like a mountain, guarding himself behind him.
“Lin… Brother Lin?”
Zhang Yichen was stunned.
At this moment, she even suspected that, like a dream, she couldn’t think of how this man… appeared again at the most critical moment.
Not only that!
Zhang Yichen also saw that Lin Fan’s hand grasped the sharp and unmatched wolf claw firmly under his hand, as if it was just holding a child’s toy, which was shocking.
“Little girl, it seems that you owe me another life!”
Lin Fan turned his head and smiled lightly at Zhang Yichen.
And this gentle smile fell on Zhang Yichen’s beautiful eyes, instantly making her eyes moist.
A trace of warmth flowed through Zhang Yichen’s heart. At this moment, in her eyes, Lin Fan seemed like her protector, so noble and majestic.
“Damn it!”
And seeing the man in front of him, he was still talking and laughing with Zhang Yichen, and the blood wolf’s complexion instantly became extremely gloomy.
He couldn’t imagine that in the last step of killing Zhang Yichen, a Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway through.
“Lin…Master Lin!”
At this moment, Kong Sheng and others nearby also screamed one by one.
Master Lin!
After hearing these three words, Blood Wolf was stunned for a moment. All the anger in his heart disappeared instantly, and he was overjoyed:
“Hahaha… So you are the grandmaster behind Kong Sheng!”
“Good come! Since you are here! , Then die here!”
The blood wolf palm pulled the iron chain, stepped fiercely, and then tried to pull his wolf claws back.
It was just a scene that made him stunned.
No matter how much force he exerted, the wolf claws caught by Lin Fan’s big hand were still motionless.
This is impossible!
The pupils of Blood Wolf shrank suddenly.
His complexion turned red, and he used almost all the strength of his body, but… still had no effect.
“You… want to kill me?” A touch of sorrow appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth.
His big hand suddenly exerted force.
Then, in the incredible eyes of the blood wolf and everyone.
The sound of steel cracking burst out.
Everyone was shocked to see that the steel wolf claw caught by Lin Fan unexpectedly showed cracks in the spider silk web.
till the end!
The entire wolf claw burst into pieces in an instant, turning into pieces of iron slag, splashing and breaking down from Lin Fan’s hands.
“This…impossible!” The blood wolf was so frightened that he retreated several steps.
His eyes looked at the pieces of steel residue on the ground, and he could hardly believe his eyes.
His wolf claws are made of 100 refined steel.
Not to mention the palm of a person.
Even if it is crushed with a tank, it may not be able to crush it, but now, this guy in front of him is squeezed with just one hand.
how can that be!

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