Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 431

In the Rolls-Royce car.
After seeing that the blood wolf was so easy to write, he wounded Kong Sheng severely, but Fu Ming’s heart almost popped out of his throat.
He shouted excitedly at the young master on the phone:
“Master! Kong Sheng is over, hahaha, the next one is Zhang Yichen!”
He finished!
The youth on the phone, the heavy gasps, and the woman’s painful screams, became more and more excited.
It seems that feeling the situation here, the youth on the other side of the phone is sprinting hard.
“Quick… continue to broadcast it to me!” The young man seemed to be getting excited, and said to the phone.
And this sentence made the butler Fu Ming’s body hot for a while, he quickly swallowed and spit, and then said:
“The blood wolf seems to be threatening Kong Sheng with Zhang Yichen’s life!”
“Huh? Zhang Yichen seems to have rejected something!
” Hahaha…Master, the blood wolf has taken action!” That’s it!
In the voice of the housekeeper Fu Ming, there was an excitement that could not be concealed:
“Master, Zhang Yichen is dead, her neck is about to be torn by the claws of the blood wolf…”
Fu Ming’s words “tear” were not finished yet, and his voice stopped abruptly.
He seemed to have seen something incredible, and the whole person completely forgot to continue.
This scene made the youth on the other end of the phone almost crazy.
For him, the moment Zhang Yichen’s head flew was the moment when he completely erupted.
But he couldn’t think that his butler had dropped the chain at a critical moment.
“Wocao Nima! Fu Ming, what are you doing? I haven’t vented yet!” The youth’s voice was full of irritability.
This sentence caused Fu Ming’s whole body to shudder.
He didn’t care about his young master’s rage, instead he swallowed and spit with a look on his face, and said in disbelief:
“Young…Master! An accident!”
As soon as these words came out, the youth on the other end of the phone instantly softened.
It’s just more than that.
“The wolf claws of the blood wolf were…caught by one hand!”
When Fu Ming’s words fell, the young man on the other end of the phone was completely withered.
He was trembling with fright, and was instantly dull to the woman under him, and quickly said in a shuddering voice:
“Open the video!”
“Fu Ming, you or him, quickly open the video and let Ben Shao see what happened! ”
Hearing this, Fu Ming didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly turned on the video of the call.
Suddenly, at the other end of the video, a young man with triangle eyes, naked, just got up from the belly of an enchanting woman.
That enchanting woman didn’t seem to be satisfied, the whole enchanting fruit girl who looked like a water snake wanted to entangle her youth.
“Fuck you!” The young man’s heart was raging, and he kicked the enchanting woman out, then turned his head and cursed at Fu Ming:
“Have you seen enough of special code? Quickly let Lao Tzu see, it happened What’s wrong!”
“Yes…Yes! Master!”
Fu Ming’s eyes, in the video, the naked woman’s enchanting body glanced hard, and secretly swallowed a spit, then turned on the outside camera, and shot towards Hilton’s door. go with.
When the video shot was switched, the youth immediately saw the scene at Hilton’s door from the video.

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