Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 435

When that time, the sound of dull sound pierced through.
Whether it was the blood wolf, or the surrounding Kong Sheng and others, they were all taken aback.
Everyone saw that the cold blood spear in the blood wolf’s hand stabbed Lin Fan’s eyebrows, and even inserted it in.
Everyone was completely confused.
They couldn’t think that Lin Fan had just finished speaking a big talk, but after only one face, he was stabbed in the eyebrows by Shengsheng and killed.
“Lin…Master Lin!”
“Big Brother Lin!!!”

Zhang Yichen, Kong Sheng and others screamed.
It’s just that their voices just uttered, which made them even more eye-catching.
Everyone was stunned to see that when the cold blood spear pierced Lin Fan’s eyebrows, the violent wind that swept across, Lin Fan’s figure disappeared with the wind in an instant.
When seeing this scene, Zhang Yichen, Kong Sheng and others stared in disbelief.
But Blood Wolf, as if seeing a ghost, screamed:
“This is… afterimage!”
The visual illusion will only be produced when the speed reaches the extreme.
In the cognition of the blood wolf, unless it is the top master who is best at speed and body technique, it is possible to cause this afterimage illusion under the haste.
And now, is Lin Fan in front of him, besides his terrifying power, his speed is also unimaginable?
A top master who is good at strength and speed?
how can that be!
“not good!”
The blood wolf seemed to think of something at this moment, his whole face changed drastically, and he wanted to dodge to the side at the moment.
After Lin Fan’s shadow dissipated, he felt a life and death crisis.
At this moment, the cold sweat on his forehead rushed down, and the speed of dodge to the side reached the extreme.
It’s still too late.
“Your reaction is too slow!”
A gloomy voice that seemed to come from hell resounded behind the blood wolf.
At this moment, everyone was stunned to discover that Lin Fan didn’t know when, the whole person had dodged behind the blood wolf.
In particular, he fisted with one hand, and then hit the thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell on the back of the blood wolf with a punch!
When the terrifying force blasted on the blood wolf’s thousand-year mysterious tortoise shell.
Suddenly, a dull and deafening sound was heard, like a bell ringing, causing everyone around to feel pain in their eardrums!
It’s more than that!
What horrified Blood Wolf and everyone was that under this fist, the thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell on his body seemed to be swept by a terrifying force.
On top of the tortoise shells, dense cobweb cracks emerged.
Piece after piece!
In the blink of an eye, there was no more intact shell on this thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell.
And the whole blood wolf, like a kite that has been disconnected, was blown out by a punch.
Flew five or six meters.
He fell to the ground severely.
Scarlet blood spouted violently from the blood wolf’s mouth.
Even with the protection of a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell, he still felt that he was almost smashed by Lin Fan’s punch, smashing his internal organs, and the pain was extreme.
“You… how can your power be so strong?” The blood wolf was stunned.
Squeeze the wolf claws with one hand!
Shatter the turtle shell with one punch!
Lin Fan’s power was beyond his imagination.
Not only him!
Kong Sheng and everyone else was completely dumbfounded.
Everyone swallowed fiercely, and looked at Lin Fan’s figure as if looking at a devil.
“A top grandmaster with a punch? And still a top grandmaster wearing a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell and holding a cold blood spear?”
“This…how is it possible!

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