Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 447

Master Lin cannot be Lin Fan!
After hearing Bai Yifan’s decisive words, a group of high-level officials such as Mrs. Bai and Bai Hai beside him all breathed a long sigh of relief.
After all, this matter is too big.
If Lin Fan is really a terrifying great master, this is definitely the super tycoon who is chasing and invited by countless top chaebols in China.
But the Bai Family and Lin Fan have deep grudges.
With just a word from Lin Fan, countless forces will destroy the Bai family.
And now…
“Huh! Yifan was outside Bai Yi’s house last night, waiting all night! Since he said Lin Fan is not, then he is definitely not!”
Uncle Bai Hai naturally believed in his son, especially thinking of Lin Fan. A sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth after the past three years of trash:
“Dad! And everyone! Don’t be frightened by the little beast of Lin Fan! He said that the establishment of the New Bai family is just bragging!”
“He thought, is it really that easy to set up a chaebol group?”
Uncle Bai Hai’s words caused many Bai family members around to nod their heads.
“Yes! I agree with the uncle’s statement, that Lin Fan is a bragging trash!”
“Huh! What a shit, the new Bai family, wait, as long as he is established, our Bai family group will do some tricks. Let their family go bankrupt!”
Everyone talked a lot, and no one put Lin Fan in their eyes.
And see this scene.
Mrs. Bai couldn’t help but nodded. Obviously, he also didn’t believe that Lin Fan would be an expert hermit.
“Recently, I heard that Bai Yi asked about the Blue Ocean Building from various parties! Maybe Bai Yi planned to put the New Bai Group on the Blue Ocean Building!”
Blue Ocean Building!
This is a landmark building in Jiangshi.
The building is 33 stories high and the construction cost is as high as one billion!
If Bai Yi really puts the New Bai Group on the Blue Ocean Building, then the influence is absolutely extraordinary.
It will definitely have an impact on the Bai Group.
Heard this.
Uncle Bai Hai’s eyes flashed a vicious look:
“Dad! The owner of the Blue Ocean Building, Cai Guofu, is from Yunhai City next to him! If Bai Yi wants to take the Blue Ocean Building, he must go to Yunhai City. Negotiate with Cai Guofu!”
“It just so happens that I had some friendship with Cai Guofu. I will let Bai Yi and the bamboo basket go to waste!”
This sentence made the eyes of the old lady Bai and others shine.
It’s more than that!
Bai Yifan next to him, his eyes lit up, and he quickly said:
“Dad! If Bai Yi goes to Yunhai City, then Lin Fan will definitely follow! In Jiang City, our Bai family is not good at starting with Lin Fan, but in Yunhai In the city, we can ask Cai Guofu to help and teach this bastard! ”
Teach Lin Fan?
As soon as this remark came out, the eyes of almost all the Bai family members suddenly brightened.
That’s right!
These Bai family members gritted their teeth with hatred for Lin Fan. In Jiang City, considering fame, they didn’t act on Lin Fan.
And if in Yunhai City, ask Cai Guofu to take action and teach Lin Fan a lesson, then they will feel much better.
“Master Yifan is right. That waste is too hateful. It hurt our Bai family and lost the order from the Jiangnan chaebol. We definitely can’t spare him!”
“Yes, I should have taught this guy a long time ago and let him Know the fate of going against our Bai family!”
Many Bai family core members joined together.
And hear this!
Uncle Bai Hai couldn’t help turning his eyes, and looked at Grandpa Bai.
After seeing the white old man gently nodded his head, the White Sea uncle suddenly stricken ecstasy, and quickly said:
“!!! Well so be it I immediately contacted Cai Guofu, if Lin Fan clouds go, be sure to let him suffer learned”
to speak One fall!
The faces of almost all the Bai family members were full of happy smiles.
I’m afraid they can’t think of what a terrifying super existence the person they are negotiating with will be.

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