Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 448

In a flash, another three days passed quietly.
During these three days, Bai Yi completely selected the Blue Ocean Building as the address of the New Bai Group.
Here, will become the starting point of the New Baishi Group.
On the highway to Yunhai City.
A Mercedes Benz is driving fast.
In the car, Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
“Lin Fan, you said we chose the Blue Ocean Building, would it be too high-profile?” Bai Yi was a little worried.
According to her idea, the new Baishi Group has just been established and can be selected in a small office building.
But Lin Fan opposed it.
According to Lin Fan, only the Jiangnan Chaebol’s orders to Xinbai have reached as high as one billion, especially the funds have reached the company’s account.
There is absolutely no need to develop from a small company.
And now, when they went to Yunhai City, they were looking for Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Ocean Building, to negotiate about the issue of Blue Ocean trading.
“Wife, a good office environment can not only give confidence to employees, but also to partners!”
“Don’t worry, as long as the new Baishi is officially established, I can make him the strongest in China in just three years. The group chaebol!”
Lin Fan’s words revealed an indescribable confidence.
Just heard this.
Bai Yi had a wry smile at the corner of his mouth.
Become China’s strongest in three years?
Are you kidding me?
Bai Yi immediately thought that Lin Fan was laughing with himself, and did not take it to heart. Instead, he looked at the Yunhai toll booth not far in front, and said with a complicated face:
“Lin Fan, my aunt’s house is in Yunhai City. , Let’s visit my aunt! After all, in the Shen family, only the aunt is the best to our family!”
Aunt Shen Yuzhi!
It is Shen Yumei’s sister who married to Yunhai City more than 20 years ago.
When Bai Yi was young, their family was expelled from the family by the Bai family and their lives were embarrassed. The Shen family never paid attention to their family, which made their life extremely difficult.
At that time, only my aunt Shen Yuzhi often helped their family.
And this time came to the sea of ​​clouds.
Bai Yi will naturally not forget that she wants to visit her aunt Shen Yuzhi.
Lin Fan had already heard of her aunt Shen Yuzhi, but she had never seen it. At this moment, she would naturally not object:
“Okay! Then let’s buy some gifts first!”
Lin Fan passed the Yunhai toll station and hurried towards the direction of Yunhai City.
Yunhai City!
It also belongs to a third-tier city, and its economic strength is even stronger than that of Jiang City.
The whole city is clean and tidy.
Like Jiang City, Yunhai City also has a giant chaebol, and that is the Fei family!
It was also the family of Mrs. Fei who was rescued by Lin Fan before.
And ranked second, is Qijia.
It was the family of Qi Zhiyuan, a young man who had been severely taught by Lin Fan before.
However, Bai Yi was afraid that he would not even think of it in his dreams, just when they were heading towards Yunhai City.
One piece of news was a sensation among the top forces in the two major cities of Jiangshi and Yunhai.
Master Lin, go to the sea of ​​clouds!
The Fei family is a sensation!
The Qi family is a sensation!
Even Shengshi Group, a subsidiary of Universal Group, has also begun to send high-level officials to the Yunhai City branch to prepare to welcome the BOSS Lin Fan.
It’s more than that!
The underground forces of the sea of ​​clouds exploded the pot even more.
King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai, and several of his disciples were looking forward to it, preparing to welcome the benefactor who saved his master Kong Sheng… Lin Fan!

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