Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 458

Especially, the mark of Mao Jiu is inside the vase.
Not to mention ordinary antique lovers, even some experts, I am afraid that they will have to be firm for a long time before they can reach a conclusion.
But now!
Lin Fan actually concluded in one mouthful, and he said it, it was incredible.
“Mom, I…” Zhang Kaiming looked at Shen Yuzhi with a lonely face, his eyes filled with shame and apology.
Obviously, he was also deceived.
Especially, if it weren’t for Lin Fan to tell the truth, the family would treat this fake as a treasure, and if someone sees through it in the future, it would be impossible to lift their heads for a lifetime and become a complete idiot joke.
See this scene!
Aunt Shen Yuzhi was a little unbearable, and said comfortingly:
“Enlightened, I believe you, you have been deceived too, don’t be sad!”
Shen Yuzhi’s words were encouraging Zhang Kaiming.
It just fell in Zhang Kaiming’s ear, but it was even more like a slap in the face, making him ashamed to find a seam and get in.
“Lin Fan! Okay, I admit, you hit me in the face!”
Zhang Kaiming raised his head and stared at Lin Fan, his eyes flashed with hatred:
“What about you?”
“I spent at least fifty Wan, even if it is a fake, I have done my best to my mother-in-law! But what did you and Bai Yi do? What qualifications do you have to stay here as a shame!”
The open-minded words did not leave a trace of affection.
In an instant, Bai Yi Qiao’s face became paler.
That’s right!
Even if Zhang Kaiming’s is a fake, but people also spent money and did their best.
And myself…
At this moment, Bai Yi even felt that he had no face and continued to stay here.
Just when she wanted to say goodbye to her aunt Shen Yuzhi in shame, Lin Fan next to her grabbed her.
Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Lin Fan in confusion.
I saw that Lin Fan smiled faintly at Zhang Kaiming:
“You are right, we really shouldn’t stay in this unpopular home!”
“However, before leaving, in order to express my aunt’s care for Bai Yi over the years , I decided to give my aunt a birthday gift! ”
Birthday gift?
Upon hearing this, the aunt’s family was stunned.
Bai Yi was even more confused.
They came this time, they didn’t know the birthday of the aunt, they just bought some ordinary nutrition and gifts, nothing more.
Lin Fan didn’t even have a cent on him.
What did he give to his aunt?
Right now, Bai Yi wanted to persuade Lin Fan.
However, his words have not yet been spoken, Zhu Ru next to him jumped out and said domineeringly: “Okay! Lin, this is what you said, what about the gift? Now let us see if it is better than my husband. The half-million spent is still worth the money?”
Everyone’s eyes gathered on Lin Fan’s body.
And Lin Fan shrugged lightly, and walked to the coffee table next to everyone’s doubtful sight.
Then, he took out a piece of drawing paper from the table, laid it on the table, and took up a colored pen to start drawing straight.
Drawing on the spot?
Everyone’s expressions are full of a thick stunned look.
It was the first time they saw someone who gave a gift, but they painted on the spot.
Wow… After seeing this scene, Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming beside them burst out laughing as if they had seen the funniest joke.
“Hahaha… the surname is Lin! Do you want to draw a picture as a birthday gift for my mother? It’s just a joke!”
“Yes! Do you think you are a painter? Stupid, pretending! I’m the first Once I saw you as an idiot!”

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