Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 461

The murderer who broke Qin Gongzi’s five fingers!
At this moment, when I heard Zhang Kaiming say that the murderer was a man and a woman, driving a Mercedes-Benz, and the license plate was behind Jiang Shi.
The expressions of Shen Yuzhi’s family changed drastically.
One by one, they hurried to the edge of the window and looked down.
Suddenly they saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi were driving a Mercedes Benz, slowly leaving from the parking space, and the license plate was from Jiangshi.
This scene changed the expressions of Shen Yuzhi’s family.
“That’s right! Lin Fan must be the murderer who interrupted Young Master Qin’s finger! I remembered that after enlightened and said the murderer at the time, Cousin Bai Yi’s face was extremely ugly!”
“Yes! It must be him! Damn, this The guy had caused a terrible disaster, and even dared to come to our house in a big way. If Master Qin knew about it, then our family would have been exhausted to death by this bastard!”
“…” All of a sudden, Shen Yuzhi’s family completely recalled. When it came to Qin Gongzi, Bai Yi had an ugly look.
So… so!
How to do?
Shen Yuzhi’s family of four looked at each other, and their hearts were terrified.
After all, that is Young Master Qin!
Once this matter is exposed, both Zhang Kaiming and Zhu Ru will be completely expelled from the Qin Group, and even their family will suffer the shocking anger of the Qin Group because of their relatives with Bai Yi.
“Dad! Mom! I…I’ll call Master Qin now and say the murderer has been found!” At this moment, Zhang Kaiming quickly took out his mobile phone.
Hearing this, Shen Yuzhi paled, and hurriedly stopped:
“No…no! Lin Fan is Bai Yi’s husband. If you call, don’t you mean Lin Fan and Bai Yi are killed?”
Although Shen Yuzhi was frightened, she could not tolerate Bai Yi being hurt.
And hear this!
The father and daughter Zhu Zhide and Zhu Ru, who were next to him, quickly persuaded him:
“Wife, you are still protecting Bai Yi now. Don’t you know the terrible consequences of being known about our relationship with Bai Yi?”
“Yeah, mom! Enlightened and I work in the Qin Group! Are you ignoring the life and death of me and Enlightened?”
The words of the father and daughter made Shen Yuzhi’s body tremble fiercely. As white as paper.
Puffs of sweat flowed down from Shen Yuzhi’s forehead.
She was tangled to the extreme now.
On one side are Bai Yi and Lin Fan!
One side is my home!
Even if you choose either party, it will be a huge and terrible disaster for the other party.
After a long silence, Chen Yuzhi mouth twitched, looking out the window bike disappearing Mercedes, look among the emerging deep color of guilt:
“White Iraq, aunt …… I’m sorry I’m sorry you!!”
Said Finish!
Shen Yuzhi’s mouth was full of bitterness, and she nodded:
“Okay! You guys fight!”
In a word, Zhang Kaiming and his wife were extremely excited.
Right now, Zhang Kaiming quickly dialed a call, and then called.
Soon after the call was connected, I heard a series of screams like killing pigs, and it was the son of Qin Shou.
“Zhang Kaiming, why are you calling me at this time? Say! If there is nothing important, I must peel you off!” Qin Shou’s voice was full of despair.
Obviously, the painful anger that Lin Fan broke his finger, still did not dissipate.
Hearing the angry voice on the phone, all of Shen Yuzhi’s family fell silent.
Zhang Kaiming could only bite the bullet and said:
“Qin… Qin Shao, found the murderer who hurt you!”

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