Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 47

The atmosphere in the conference room is dull and depressing.
At this moment, almost everyone felt that their heart was in their throat.
Jumping wildly.
As for the three bald police officers, the sweat on their foreheads, ticking, constantly flowing down.
They couldn’t believe that Lin Fan actually dared to shoot.
Especially, his marksmanship is fast, accurate and ruthless!
With two shots, the two police officers were punched through the wrists, which was too shocking.
“Little…boy, don’t be impulsive! You know, killing the police is a big crime!” The bald policeman was completely afraid.
He looked at Lin Fan, like a lunatic.
It’s just that his words just uttered!
Another gunshot exploded, and a bullet instantly pierced the bald knee, making him knelt down on one knee.
So cruel!
Lin Fan’s brutality stunned everyone in the conference room. They had never seen a lunatic who shot at an incongruous word.
“Let’s talk! Who sent you?” Lin Fan’s voice was indifferent, but it fell in the ears of the bald policeman, like thunder.
Boundless fear emerged in the bald heart:
“I…we were ordered to arrest people! You…you can’t…”
Another gunshot resounded, and the other knee of the bald head also burst out a cloud of blood mist. He completely lost his support and fell to the ground with his legs.
“Ah ah ah!”
Raging pain, swept every nerve head, the pain he screams again and again.
At this moment, the countdown to death is the beginning!

Looking at the black muzzle above your head and listening to Lin Fan’s incomparably cold voice, the bald policeman was so scared that the dead souls were embarrassed, and quickly cried:
“Don’t…don’t shoot I said, our captain sent us!”
“Huang Tao is the nephew of our captain Zhong Bin! He said, you hurt Huang Tao, so you must look good!”
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s pretty face turned pale instantly.
Only then did she understand that these people had to handcuff people when they came in. It turned out that everything was because of Huang Tao’s uncle Zhong Bin.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, and his eyes flashed with ice cold:
“Since he wants to play, let’s play together!”
After that, Lin Fan turned his head and said to Bai Yi:
“I Go to the police station!” The words fell.
Lin Fan grabbed one foot of the bald head, and then dragged him out of the meeting room like a dog.
In the back, the two injured policemen followed in shock and horror.
This scene is extremely weird.
Originally, Lin Fan was the target of arrest, but now, he is more like a hunter who arrested.
It wasn’t until Lin Fan and others left that Bai Yi realized the seriousness of the problem:
“Broken! Lin Fan went to the police station, which is equivalent to throwing himself into a trap!”
“No! I want to call my dad and go together. Please grandpa! Now, only if Grandpa personally comes forward, maybe the Huang family can be online!”
Thought of this.
Bai Yi hurriedly left the meeting room.
And seeing this scene, everyone in the conference room suddenly became a mess.
Just now, they were completely shocked by Lin Fan’s cruelty.
I never dreamed that this door-to-door son-in-law who had been ridiculed for three years would be so crazy and brutal when he did things.
Behind Mr. Yang, a young man appeared hesitant, and he bowed and asked:
“Teacher, Mr. Lin will definitely be arrested when he goes to the police station this time! Then should we continue to stay in the Bai Group?” The young man knew. , His teacher came entirely for Lin Fan.
But now, Lin Fan can’t protect himself, so what’s the point of them staying here.
It’s just that the young people can’t think of it.
“Stay! Naturally want to stay!” There was a strange look in Yang’s eyes.
Before, he was still wondering if Lin Fan was that person.
And just now, Lin Fan’s fierceness and skill made him more sure that this young man was definitely the existence that was rumored to make the global giants fearful.
“Don’t worry! No one can help Mr. Lin!”
Old Yang’s words were full of deep meaning.

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