Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 48

Inside Jiang City Police Station.
Captain Zhong Bin sat in the office, humming a little song with Erlang’s legs tilted.
He is in a great mood today.
According to his brother-in-law Huang Guosheng, as long as the little beast of Lin Fan is brought back, forced to ask for a prescription, and then stripped of his clothes, then the Huang Group will soar into the sky and he will gain tens of millions of fortunes.
Thousands of riches!
He was a huge sum of money that he couldn’t make for a lifetime as a captain.
“!! Ten million ah I did not expect the White House door-law is so expensive,”
Zhong Bin mouth, emerged out of a trace of insidious smile:
“But this kid is afraid only die here!”
Kill a little The little door-to-door son-in-law, to Zhong Bin, is as simple as trampling on an ant.
Just as Zhong Bin was thinking about how he would spend so much wealth, a knock on the door sounded.
Then the door opened, and a policeman walked in and said,
“Captain, Bald, they are back! The car just drove into the yard!”
This sentence made Zhong Bin’s eyes bright, and immediately got up from his seat:
“This guy is very efficient at work! Go, let’s go and take a look. That famous rubbish son, who looks What! I dared to beat my nephew Huang Tao, huh! Let me see how I clean him up!”
After that, Zhong Bin quickly walked out of the office and soon came to the courtyard.
I suddenly saw that a police car had just driven into the hospital.
“Hahaha… Bald, has the man caught it back?”
“Quick! Let me see how that little animal grows!”
“What a great deal, I dared to hit my nephew Huang Tao, this kid is really tired and crooked!”
Zhong Bin walked towards the police car in ecstasy.
When the police car stopped, the door opened, and then the two police officers walked out of the car with pale faces.
These two people had no blood on their faces.
In his expression, there was still a strong panic, as if he had just seen something terrifying.
Especially their foreheads were densely covered with sweat.
“Huh? What’s the matter with the two of you? Your face is so ugly, why is it like seeing a ghost!”
Zhong Bin just gave two subordinates a faint glance, and said with a smile.
He did not notice that the two policemen kept their hands behind their backs, and the blood was still dripping from the wounds on their wrists.
“Where is the bald?”
“Is that little beast caught back?” Zhong Bin looked at the back seat of the police car and asked.
And just when his words fell!
The door of the back seat suddenly opened from the inside, and an indifferent voice followed:
“Man, caught it!”
As this cold voice sounded, a figure like a dead dog was severely removed from the back seat. Threw it out.
With a thump, he fell to Zhong Bin’s feet.
Zhong Bin was startled slightly, but when he saw the person under his feet clearly, his face changed drastically.
Because of this person, he was sent to arrest Lin Fan’s bald son.
Especially what makes Zhong Bin unbelievable.
Bald’s wrist was completely broken and completely deformed, and his two knees had two more bullet holes. Scarlet blood flowed from the bullet holes, and the person had completely passed out.
It looks miserable.
This scene was like five thunderstorms for Zhong Bin, making him unable to believe his eyes.
It’s more than that!
A young man walked out of the car slowly. It was Lin Fan:
“I heard that you are looking for me?”

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