Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 480

Heard this.
The poisonous snake was taken aback for a moment. When he saw Bai Yi’s beautiful face and enchanting figure, his eyes brightened and his smile became more evil:
“Hey…Cai has a good vision! Okay, I will send you today. A favor!”
With a wave of the viper’s palm, he said to a group of security personnel behind:
“That group of people dare to come to the Shengshi Hotel to make trouble, go! Get them all!”
As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of Shen Yuzhi’s family changed.
They couldn’t even dream that the people in this grand hotel were so arrogant and domineering, indiscriminately, they wanted to plant and arrest people, this is simply lawless.
Especially, when they saw more than 20 security personnel besieging them all, Zhu Zhide and others’ faces were pale.
How to do?
Dense cold sweat flowed down from the foreheads of Zhu Zhide and others.
This is the security of Shengshi Hotel!
The other party really belongs to the Universal Group, such a behemoth.
Let alone these little people.
Facing the Shengshi Hotel, even the giant families like Fei and Qi were unwilling to provoke them.
After all, the background of the flourishing age is simply too terrifying.
And now…
what should I do?
The faces of Shen Yuzhi’s family were pale and full of panic.
But just when they worry to the extreme.
A footstep sounded suddenly, but Lin Fan was seen walking out of the crowd.
Seeing Lin Fan, Zhu Zhide and others were happy at first, but after thinking about the background of the Shengshi Hotel, they hurriedly stepped forward to stop Lin Fan.
“Lin…Lin Fan, don’t be impulsive, they are people from Shengshi Hotel, I…we can’t provoke!”
“Yes, cousin, although you are great, behind Shengshi is Universal Group! “…”
Shen Yuzhi’s family was afraid of Lin Fan and the people of Shengshi Hotel, and they clashed.
Naturally, they were not worried about how Lin Fan, the great master, would be harmed.
What they were really afraid of was that if Lin Fan really shot these people, it would be equivalent to provoke the Shengshi Group, which means that Lin Fan provoke the Universal Group.
This is absolutely a disaster for anyone.
Even Bai Yi, with a pale face, stretched out one hand and quickly grabbed Lin Fan.
“Wife, I’m okay, I just reasoned with them!”
Lin Fan smiled slightly, and then patted Bai Yi’s hand.
Seeing Lin Fan’s calm expression, Bai Yi hesitated slightly, and finally let go of his palm.
Lin Fan immediately stepped out of the crowd. He glanced at the fierce security guards around him, then rolled his eyes, looked at the poisonous snake, and said coldly:
“Who are you from Shengshi Hotel?”
The poisonous snake was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that this young man would be so calm when facing himself, as if he had no fear at all.
“Huh! I’m the Viper, the security manager of Shengshi Hotel!”
The poisonous snake smiled coldly, especially after he saw Lin Fan’s shabby casual clothes, a thick sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“What? You want to complain to me? It doesn’t matter, you can complain!”
“But” Your table, let it out! Your woman, hehe… let it out too!

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