Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 479

let Bai Yi eat with him?
After hearing these words from Fatty, everyone’s expressions changed.
They didn’t expect that this fat man would be so arrogant and arrogant. It’s not a big deal to grab someone’s table, and he would have to force Bai Yi to accompany him to eat. This is simply unreasonable.
“What nonsense are you talking about! My niece, why should I accompany you to eat!” Shen Yuzhi’s expression was sullen with anger.
And Zhu Ru and others next to him also burst their lungs with anger.
After all, it was too disgusting to encounter this kind of asshole before eating.
“Yes! Do you know who she is? You dare to let her accompany you to eat, you are too arrogant!”
“Hmph! Don’t look in the mirror, nothing! How can my cousin eat with you scumbag,” Stop dreaming!”
Zhu Ru and his wife were so angry that their faces turned green.
after all!
They know the true identity of Lin Fan, the genius doctor Lin, the great master Lin, BLOOD!
Any identity of this is extremely terrifying.
As Lin Fan’s wife, Bai Yi’s identity is also unattainable.
This fat man actually let Bai Yi accompany him to eat. This is not an idiot.
After hearing the curses of Zhu Zhide and others, the fat man’s face changed completely.
“Okay! What an arrogant family! It’s a pity that you forgot, this is the Shengshi Hotel!”
The corner of the fat man’s mouth showed a slight arc.
Especially, after he discovered that Bai Yi was much more beautiful than the women around him in terms of appearance and figure, his heart became even more fiery.
At the moment, he told the lady at the front desk:
“Call, let the snake come over!”
“Today, I am going to make a decision for this chick!”
Hearing these words from Fatty, everyone immediately saw that the lady at the front desk sneered at Lin Fan and others, as if laughing at their irresponsibility, and then instantly He dialed a phone and started calling.
This scene made Zhu Zhide and others feel bad in their hearts.
Naturally, they could see that this fat man obviously had a deep friendship with the people in the Shengshi Hotel.
Thought of this.
Zhu Zhide hurriedly said to Bai Yi and Lin Fan:
“Lin Fan, Bai Yi, this time the little uncle did not entertain him well.
Why don’t we change the place for dinner!” Zhu Zhide’s family looked at Bai Yi and Lin Fan. Full of guilt.
They are just ordinary people!
If that fat guy really has something to do with the Shengshi Hotel, they definitely can’t afford it.
Heard this.
Bai Yi nodded immediately and said:
“Okay! Let’s change the place!”
After speaking, Bai Yi immediately took Lin Fan away.
Just when they were about to walk out of the door of Shengshi Hotel.
I suddenly saw a group of security personnel rushing out of the Shengshi Hotel.
Everyone is burly and powerful, dressed in a suit, neat and well-trained to the extreme.
In particular, the sharp middle-aged man at the front, with a slab inch and a pair of triangular eyes, is as sharp as a snake.
As soon as he appeared, he shouted:
“Who is the one who ate the bear heart and leopard courage to make trouble in the Shengshi Hotel!”
Seeing this middle-aged man and the group of fierce bodyguards who came out, Bai Yi and the others were immediately startled, and the fat man’s face was full of joy.
“Viper!” The fat man hurriedly shouted.
Seeing Fatty, the middle-aged man named Viper smiled slightly and said,
“Brother Cai, what’s the matter? Did someone provoke you?”
The attitude of the two is intimate, and they are obviously very close.
And heard this.
The fat man pointed to Bai Yi and others who wanted to leave, and then said with a smile:
“Yes! These people provoke me! Especially that pretty chick, today I have to make a decision!”

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