Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 482

The angry roar of the poisonous snake resounded continuously in the lobby.
He pointed to the twenty-odd security members and roared angrily:
“What the hell are you doing! I didn’t see it, I was beaten by this brute!”
“Go! Kill him! Kill him!” !!!”
The voice of the poisonous snake was full of cruelty and cruelty.
At this moment, he hated Lin Fan so much that he wanted to vent his hatred by cutting this bastard a thousand times.
Hearing this, the security members didn’t completely react from the shock of the scene just now. They clashed, took out the truncheon on their waist, and pounced on Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan, be careful!”
This scene caused Bai Yi and the others to numb their scalp, and he quickly reminded Lin Fan.
It’s just that when the dense security guards were waving their batons, they wanted to overwhelm Lin Fan and smash them down.
“Stop it!!!”
A violent shout like a thunderstorm suddenly resounded from outside the lobby.
Then everyone saw that, at some point, Rolls Royce after another had stopped at the door.
One after another middle-aged people in suits and leather shoes rushed in toward the lobby.
Each of these people is full of majesty.
Especially the headed middle-aged man with gray hair was surrounded by the crowd like stars holding the moon.
“Sister…Brother-in-law! You are here!”
When he saw the gray-haired middle-aged man, the snake was ecstatic.
The person here is not someone else, but his brother-in-law, He Sheng!
He Sheng, Viper’s brother-in-law, is an executive of Jiangnan Shengshi Group.
Just today, I just landed in Yunhai City and became the new chairman of Yunhai Shengshi Hotel.
It is said that this time the airborne is because of a big man who is coming to Yunhai City, and Shengshi Group specially sent He Sheng to meet that big man.
He Sheng led a group of elites in suits and shoes into the lobby.
All the security personnel and welcoming personnel of the surrounding Shengshi Hotel all swept their hands and bowed:
After hearing the words of the surrounding security personnel and the welcoming guests, Bai Yi and the others turned pale instantly.
And the viper called this person…brother-in-law?
After confirming the relationship between the gray-haired middle-aged man and the poisonous snake, Bai Yi and Shen Yuzhi’s family all fell into a stunned silence.
The chairman who controls the Shengshi Hotel is a high-level figure even at the headquarters of the Shengshi Group.
And this kind of people, let alone them, even the giant consortium like Fei and Qi, dare not offend them.
And now…
“It’s over! It’s a big disaster this time!”
Zhu Zhide, Zhang Kaiming and others, the cold sweat on their foreheads, rushed down.
They understand what Shengshi Group means.
Even if Lin Fan is a great master, he is not regarded by the Shengshi Group at all, because behind them is the aircraft carrier of the Universal Group.
“Brother-in-law! You just happened to be here. This little beast was making trouble in our hotel, and he shot and wounded people and smashed my face!”
“Brother-in-law, you must take revenge for me!” In the viper’s eyes , Flashing a strong color of ecstasy.
The reason why he bullied men and women and was arrogant and domineering in Shengshi Hotel was more because of his backer-brother-in-law He Sheng.
And now, Viper can be sure that Lin Fan is over.
My own brother-in-law will definitely beat this kid up to vent his hatred.
Not only a poisonous snake.
The fat man was equally ecstatic after seeing He Sheng’s arrival, and his gaze at Lin Fan and Bai Yi was full of abuse and playfulness.
After hearing the words of the poisonous snake, He Sheng’s complexion became more and more gloomy.
Then he nodded:
“Okay! In that case, let’s break your legs first!”
This sentence made Bai Yi and others almost scared to pee, while the poisonous snake and the fat man were ecstatic to the extreme.
However, the grinning smile on the face of the poisonous snake just appeared.
But he was stunned to find that from the side of his brother-in-law He Sheng, a few brawny men walked up to him, and then pushed him to the ground.

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