Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 483

The poisonous snake was crushed to the ground by two sturdy men.
After seeing this scene, the poisonous snake and the fat man, as well as all the security and welcoming staff around, couldn’t believe their eyes.
What, what’s going on?
The chairman He Sheng just said he would break his legs, didn’t he mean Lin Fan?
Why is He Sheng’s brother-in-law’s poisonous snake being pressed to the ground now?
What is going on here?
At this moment, everyone was confused and could hardly believe his eyes.
“Grass! Let me go, what are you… what are you doing? I’m a poisonous snake, you caught the wrong person!” The poisonous snake didn’t wake up from consternation until this moment, facing the two big men. Roared:
“I’m the brother-in-law of the chairman, are you crazy?”
“My brother-in-law asked you to break that kid’s leg. What are you doing with me?” The viper screamed, full of anger.
It just made him unbelievable that even after hearing his words, the two sturdy men behind him still didn’t let him go.
“Quickly stop them! They actually disobeyed your order and expelled them!”
The roar of the poisonous snake was filled with uncontrollable anger.
However, a scene that made him even more unbelievable appeared.
“They didn’t defy my orders!”
Chairman He Sheng’s eyes were icy.
When he heard these words, the snake was dumbfounded, and the Fatty and others were all dumbfounded.
What do you mean?
Could it be said that what He Sheng was about to break his leg just now meant breaking the legs of the viper?
But how is this possible.
The people around were shocked, just in their shocking sight.
With a wave of He Sheng’s palm, a big man in black immediately passed the baseball bat in his hand.
He Sheng took the baseball bat and walked towards the poisonous snake that was pinned to the ground step by step.
Da da da!
This step was calm and powerful, but it was like a burst of thunder, causing the cold sweat on the forehead of a viper to flow down.
“No…Brother-in-law, I am your brother-in-law, why are you treating me this way? Why!” The viper’s voice was filled with boundless panic.
He Sheng was his backer, and now, his backer was about to break his legs, which made him panic and dying.
Just as the horrified words of the snake fell, He Sheng had already walked behind the snake.
His eyes looked at the poisonous snake coldly, as if looking at a dead person:
“Some people, you can’t afford to offend!”
Hearing these words, no matter it was the poisonous snake or the fat man and others around, they couldn’t believe their ears.
Can’t afford to offend?
What does it mean?
The people that the poisonous snake provokes are just a group of ordinary people. Is there any special identity for them?
At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Fan, Bai Yi and others.
More than them.
At this moment, even Bai Yi, Shen Yuzhi, and others are all at a loss.
Obviously, they didn’t understand at all, why the big brother He Sheng didn’t help his brother-in-law, but helped them instead.
Just when everyone was startled and uncertain, a sound of breaking the wind suddenly resounded.
Then, click!
The cracking sound of bones, accompanied by the scream of poisonous snakes, spread to the ears of everyone around him.
They were amazed to see that the left leg of the poisonous snake had been completely deformed, the white bone spurs, even the skin of his leg and his pants, were completely pierced and exposed.
The scarlet flesh and blood, the white bone spurs, are so dazzling and so terrifying.

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