Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 49

I heard, are you looking for me?
When this cold word came, Captain Zhong Bin was completely confused.
He looked at Lin Fan walking out of the car, almost unable to believe his eyes.
What, what’s going on?
Didn’t Bald go to arrest Lin Fan? Why did the bald pass out?
And the young man in front of him, could it be… “Are you Lin Fan?” Zhong Bin’s pupils suddenly shrank, and he involuntarily stepped back.
Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled and nodded.
It looks harmless to humans and animals, but somehow it gives Zhong Bin a creepy illusion.
“!! Damn Lin Fan, hello big guts, you dare assaulting a police officer,”
Zhong Bin looking great changes, behind the police station in front shouted:
“!!! Come on people come to catch the culprit,”
flapping in the wind!
With the sound of the shout, a policeman rushed out of the police station in full gear.
There were as many as five or six people. As soon as they rushed out, they saw the faint bald head on the ground, and their expressions changed drastically, and they wanted to step forward to capture Lin Fan.
“Stop! Hurry…stop!”
The two police officers next to them almost peeed in fright.
They had seen Lin Fan’s skill firsthand, grabbing the gun empty-handed, and hitting with two shots.
The abnormality of Lin Fan’s skill and the ferocity of his methods were beyond their imagination.
The two can be sure that if their colleague rushes to make a move, then the bald head will be the end of all of them.
When they heard the shouts of the two police officers, the police officers rushing up around them stopped one by one.
“Little Liu, your hand!”
“Oh my God! Pharaoh, did you get shot in your hand?”
It was only then that Zhong Bin and the police officers saw that the two policemen who followed the bald man were bloody on their wrists. All were shot wounds.
Look at the two guns on the bald knee, and the deformed and broken wrist.
A cold breath followed the soles of Zhong Bin and all the police officers’ feet, rushing straight to their foreheads, making their scalp numb.
All this is done by the lunatic in front of me?
Boundless fear surfaced in everyone’s heart, dripping sweat from everyone’s foreheads, and they looked at Lin Fan as if they were approaching an enemy.
“Don’t have to be so troublesome!” Lin Fan smiled slightly, looked at Zhong Bin faintly and said:
“Don’t you want to avenge Huang Tao?”
“Today, I will give you this opportunity!”
Zhong Bin was taken aback for a moment. After reacting, he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.
He was still afraid that people like himself would not be able to subdue Lin Fan. If that were the case, he and others would fall into Lin Fan’s hands, and the bald and miserable appearance would be their fate.
“Okay! Lin Fan, since you voluntarily surrendered to the crime, then we will definitely investigate!” Zhong Bin was afraid that Lin Fan would repent, and quickly said to the police officer behind him:
“You two, send him to prison S! Hurry up! !”
Prison S!
Upon hearing this word, the two police officers behind shivered involuntarily.
Only then did they understand the intention of their captain.
“Boy, come with us!” The two police officers gave Lin Fan a pitying look, and then took the lead in leading the way.
Lin Fan shrugged and followed directly.
However, as he passed by Zhong Bin, his footsteps paused slightly, and then he said with a faint smile:
“Remember! I hope you can bear all the consequences!”
After speaking, Lin Fan patted Zhong Bin on the shoulder. , Then he swaggered and left with the two police officers.

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