Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 5

When the Blood Rose walked off the Rose Throne, the entire bar on the first floor was suddenly silent.
One after another, they looked at the blood rose in unison. They saw it for the first time. The blood rose showed such a terrified expression, as if they had seen something terrible.
Noisy discussions resounded in the bar.
It’s more than that!
One after another sturdy big men in suits jumped out from the crowd, and in the blink of an eye, they came to the blood rose.
Dozens of people!
The black pressure was overwhelming, fierce and terrifying, like a group of suit thugs, making people tremble.
“Sister, what’s the matter?” The big man in the lead, with a sturdy back, his whole person like an iron tower, glowing fiercely.
He is the No. 1 general under Blood Rose-Black Tiger!
A dignified underground boxer, a ruthless man in Jiangshi.
At this moment, the music in the bar disappeared, there was no sound, everyone’s eyes were focused on the face of Blood Rose.
This is definitely the first time everyone has seen it, and the blood rose will show such a gaffe.
“Quick! The clubhouse is cleared! Our boss is here!”
Hearing the words of Blood Rose, both the Black Tiger and all the customers around were stunned.
Everyone can’t imagine, what kind of character is qualified to be called a BOSS by the dignified blood rose?
In an instant, all the customers in the entire first floor boiled over, one by one in shock.
However, it still doesn’t stop.
Blood Rose immediately continued:
“Black Tiger, send someone to guard Box 808! It is strictly forbidden for anyone to disturb the BOSS!”
Hearing this, one after another looked at a box on the second floor.
The hearts of everyone was even more shocking. They knew that in that box, a crazy dragon that could make a sensation in Jiang City unexpectedly entered.
…It’s just that everyone in box 808 has no way of knowing everything outside.
At this moment, gazes full of mockery and contempt, all fell on Lin Fan’s body.
“Damn! So he is the husband of our goddess Bai Yi? Oh my God, this is really a flower stuck in the cow dung! Especially, this cow dung is not fresh!”
“Who said it was not! Look at him and wear it. What kind of tattered stuff! Isn’t this a shame?”
“…” A sound of discussion resounded in the box.
A dozen old classmates secretly taunted Lin Fan.
Especially, although these people’s voices were lowered, they could still be heard clearly, as if Lin Fan had become a joke in everyone’s mouth at this moment.
See this scene!
The corner of Wen Qian’s mouth could not help but outline a glorious arc. She had long advised this waste not to come, how is it now?
Shame? Embarrassed?
Thinking of this, Wen Qian immediately waved, suppressed all the ridicule and ridicule, and said to the old classmates present:
“Everyone, let me introduce, this is the husband of our school flower goddess Bai Yi—— Lin Fan!”
As soon as the words fell, boos and ridicule in the box suddenly surged.
However, this is more than that, Wen Qian continued to say with a full face:
“In addition, there was a car accident on the road just now! The car that was hit was the Lamborghini of the youngest member of Tianlong Group Xu Ziheng and the only son of the chairman Zhang Tian! It is Lin Fan! ”
Hearing Wen Qian’s words, everyone was shocked.
It was Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian’s Lamborghini who were hit!
My God, who doesn’t know the reputation of the two evils?
And this rubbish not only offended the two major evils, but also swaggered to participate in the class reunion. Isn’t this going to hurt them?
In an instant, the dissatisfaction and cursing around him continued one after another. Everyone looked at Lin Fan as if he were looking at another clown.
“Wen Qian, you…” Bai Yi’s pretty face was pale.
Just before coming in, she told Wen Qian about the car accident. She originally wanted to ask Wen Qian to find a way for herself, but she didn’t expect that her girlfriend would tell everyone in a blink of an eye.
Wen Qian did not have the slightest guilt. Instead, she pulled Bai Yi, comfortingly said: “Bai Yi, don’t worry! Our class leader Lin Guangyao, but the department manager of Tianlong Group, has a deep relationship with Xu Ziheng. It is natural and safe to have him speak for you. Nothing!”
Wen Qian couldn’t help looking at a handsome young man with golden glasses:
“Am I right?
Squad leader!” Lin Guangyao!
He was the former squad leader of Bai Yi, and also one of Bai Yi’s most ardent suitors.
Lin Fan knew that many times before, Lin Guangyao gave Bai Yi flowers, and even went to Bai Yi’s house in an open manner, but was rejected by Bai Yi.
Hearing Wen Qian’s words, Bai Yi’s spirit lifted.
She just remembered that Lin Guangyao did work in Tianlong Group, but she didn’t expect that he would have friendship with Xu Ziheng.
At the moment, Bai Yi couldn’t help looking at Lin Guangyao with a worried expression, and asked nervously:
” Squad leader, can you help me talk to Dashao Xu? Lin Fan is really unintentional!”
Seeing Bai Yi’s nervous and uneasy expression, Lin Guangyao’s heart was ecstatic, knowing that his opportunity was coming.
He didn’t expect that his goddess would still beg for him one day.
Just, intercede for that trash?
Although Lin Guangyao’s heart sneered, but a deep enthusiastic smile appeared on his face:
“No problem! Bai Yi, this is a trivial matter. I just say hello to the youngest!”
“Really? Great! Hearing this, Bai Yi finally showed a touch of joy on her pretty face, and said to Lin Guangyao gratefully:
” Squad leader, thank you so much!”
Bai Yi was inexplicably grateful.
However, Lin Fan saw that Lin Guangyao kept turning his hand in his trouser pocket, obviously secretly sending a message!
No need to guess, Lin Fan can be sure that Lin Guangyao is reporting to Xu Ziheng!
This scene caused Lin Fan to look at Lin Guangyao’s eyes, a bit cold.

At the same time!
Just when Lin Guangyao sent a message.
The whole Jiang City has been completely messed up.
Vehicles of government departments and police systems are constantly looking for a Mercedes-Benz in the streets.
Tianlong Group, one by one high-level leaders, sat in luxury cars, looking for Lin Fan and Bai Yi all over the street.
ten minutes!
twenty minutes!
Half an hour!
During this period of time, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian’s forehead sweat, as if opened the faucet, crashed, constantly flowing.
Their Lao Tzu would call once every few minutes, and every time he was swearing, it made the two evil young men crazy.
“Damn! What kind of terrifying background does this Mr. Lin have! How can I scare my father like this!”
Xu Ziheng’s complexion flashed with terror.
He has already spoken!
If he can’t get Lin Fan’s forgiveness, then he will be kicked out of the house, made a clean break, and completely reduced to abandonment.
Not only him!
Zhang Tian on the side was even scared to cry. He looked at Xu Ziheng and said desperately:
“Brother Ziheng ! What should I do now? My old man has already spoken, if I can’t get Mr. Lin’s forgiveness! He really wants to Kill me! It’s absolutely true!”
Zhang Tian has never seen his Laozi so crazy since he was a child. He had a hunch that if he had not been forgiven by Lin Fan, he would really die.
Hearing this, Xu Ziheng on the side only felt a numb scalp.
And just when he wanted to comfort Zhang Tian!
The sound of a text message rang.
“Ma! What bitch is so ignorant! Don’t you know if you have news to call? Send a fart text message!” Xu Ziheng became more angry and took out his phone cursingly.
I suddenly saw that the text message came from Lin Guangyao.
“Lin Guangyao, bastard, send a message to Ben Shao at this time. If there is nothing important, let me not strip him of his shit!”
Xu Ziheng’s face was surging, and he clicked on the text message!
“Master, Lin is in the Shengshi 808 box! Come on!”
Upon seeing this news, Xu Ziheng’s body trembled fiercely.
Immediately afterwards, boundless ecstasy rushed to his heart instantly:
“Look for…found it!”
His voice was trembling, as if he was a treasure.
At the moment, he pulled Zhang Tian and ran towards a car:
“Quickly! Send orders to everyone, Mr. Lin is in the Shengshi Clubhouse!”
“Ma’s, let me go and plead! Quick!!!”
After a word, there were no number of cars, as if they were crazy in an instant, and they started.

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