Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 4

Lin Fan!
New Chairman of Universal Group!
Xu Tianlong looked at Lin Fan’s photo, and only felt that a heart was about to pop out. This was his ultimate boss, so he was not nervous and excited.
Ding Ding Ding!
Just at this moment, a cell phone rang.
Xu Tianlong raised his eyebrows. When he saw the call shown above, it was his son Xu Ziheng, he couldn’t help but flashed a touch of impatience. He picked up the phone and answered,
Xu Tianlong said indifferently.
However, within the phone, there was a crying voice suddenly:
“Dad, save me! I almost died! You must avenge me!”
Xu Tianlong’s expression changed a lot when he said this.
In Jiang City, who does not know Xu Tianlong, who does not know the Tianlong Group, how could someone dare to touch his son, especially his son almost killed.
This… damn it!
“What’s the matter? Who did it?” Xu Tianlong’s voice gradually became cold.
Like a tiger, suppressing his anger.
Hearing this voice, Xu Ziheng on the other side of the phone was ecstatic, but still pretended to be a frightened voice, saying:
“Dad, I was hit by a Mercedes-Benz just now! My Lamborghini was completely scrapped! I almost died too! In the car!”
As soon as these words came out, the evil spirit in Xu Tianlong’s body was filled, and the killing intent and anger in his heart became more and more vigorous.
This is more than that.
“Dad, the person who hit me was from the Bai family! The one who drove was the trash son-in-law of the Bai family-Lin Fan!”
“You help me get revenge! Send someone to arrest him immediately, I want to clean him up, let him taste the taste of being hit by a car!”
Lin… Lin Fan?
This sentence made Xu Tianlong’s head stunned and fainted like a lightning strike. He almost fainted.
He quickly walked to the computer, looked at Lin Fan’s information, his eyelids jumped wildly, and he asked in a low voice:
“Ziheng! Make it clear, that Lin… Is Lin Fan Bai Yi’s husband?”
Xu Ziheng was startled slightly. He didn’t expect that his father had heard of this person, and immediately said:
“Yes! Dad, it’s this little beast! Kill him, kill him!”
At this moment, Xu Ziheng found that after he finished saying this sentence, his own Laozi was completely quiet.
In particular, there was a sound of’huhu’ panting, as if a tiger was angry.
“Dad, you…”
Xu Ziheng wanted to ask now.
It’s just that his words were just uttered. On the other end of the phone, Xu Tianlong’s screaming roar suddenly came: “Wocao Nima! Xu Ziheng, you bastard, you really want to kill Lao Tzu!”
“I order you , Hurry up to find Mr. Lin and kowtow to him! If he doesn’t forgive you, I will be the first to find someone to kill you!”
“Toot toot…” After the deafening curse ended, a blind call came from the phone. .
Xu Ziheng: “…”
He was completely dumbfounded .
Obviously he almost died, why does he have to apologize to the surnamed Lin himself?
This is so… Is it your own father? What happened?
And just when Xu Ziheng’s face was dumbfounded, he faintly heard that in the phone call by Zhang Tian next to him, there was also a frightened and terrified curse:
“Zhang Tian, ​​you little bastard caused a disaster. Now! I drafted the uncle, you dare to offend Mr. Lin! Hurry! Go and apologize to Mr. Lin, otherwise, you will not be Lao Tzu’s son! From then on, I will never have a little bastard like you!”
Zhang Tian: “…”
Looking at the hung-up phone in his hand, Zhang Tian was also dumbfounded, suspecting that he had mistaken his father.
Especially, when he saw Xu Ziheng’s equally awkward look, a bad premonition emerged in the hearts of the two.
“Zi…Brother Ziheng! We seem to be in trouble!”
At the moment of the two evil youngsters, the scalp burst instantly.
They couldn’t imagine that the Lao Tzu who could make the two of them panic to such an extent, then Lin Fan…what a terrifying figure is it!
“Quick! Activate all contacts! Find Lin Fan, quickly, otherwise we will be dead when Lin Fan finds us!”
Xu Ziheng shuddered, then let out a terrified voice.
For a moment!
The two evils, like ants on a hot pot, quickly gave a personal pulse, dialed the phone, and launched a crazy action to find Lin Fan.
I’m afraid Lin Fan couldn’t think of it!
At this moment, the entire Jiang City was completely sensational.

Night gradually fell.
As the largest club in Jiangshi, Shengshi, it is as always brightly lit and crowded.
A Mercedes-Benz stopped at the gate of the Shengshi Club, and the next man and woman were Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
Bai Yi’s pretty face is still a little pale, and there is a deep worry and solemnity between her eyebrows.
After all, this time the two major evils in Jiangshi were offended.
The trouble in the future made Bai Yi feel trembling when he thought of it.
“Bai Yi, why did you arrive so late?”
Just then.
A crisp sound resembling a silver bell rang, but a glamorous woman in a gorgeous long skirt walked over quickly.
This woman is Bai Yi’s classmate and best friend-Wen Qian.
However, after she saw Lin Fan next to Bai Yi, Wen Qianxiu’s eyebrows instantly wrinkled, and a deep look of disgust and contempt appeared on her face:
“Why did you bring him? And she wore the same clothes as a beggar. So shabby, isn’t it making old classmates joke?”
Wen Qian’s words, without mercy, instantly made Bai Yi a little embarrassed.
But, before Bai Yi could reply, Wen Qian turned her gaze, stared at Lin Fan, and said condescendingly:
“Hey! You old hat, what are you doing? Don’t know if this is our classmate meeting? Other classmates see you, didn’t you make Bai Yi ashamed?”
“Get out of here! Where do you go? It’s disgusting!”
Wen Qian’s words were harsh to the extreme.
In an instant, Lin Fan frowned slightly:
“It’s your shit!”
Hearing this, Wen Qian and Bai Yi were stunned.
In their impressions, Lin Fan is usually cowardly and humble. Even if he was scolded by someone pointing his nose, he smiled and greeted him. They never thought that Lin Fan would counterattack so unceremoniously.
“You…you!!!” Wen Qian was choked and flushed at the moment, pointing to Lin Fan but she was speechless.
Taking a deep breath, she smoothed her anger and couldn’t help but smile back:
“Okay! Since you are not afraid of being ashamed, come on! Let you see the world today and know what you are!”
“Humph! The per capita consumption of 10,000 is considered cheap for you!”
After speaking, Wen Qian didn’t even look at Lin Fan, pulling Bai Yi and walking towards the clubhouse.
Lin Fan shrugged slightly and followed behind.
Shengshi Club!
It is a luxurious clubhouse integrating dining and entertainment.
There is a bar on the first floor. As soon as you enter, you can hear the ear-splitting roar, noisy and dim. Everyone inside is like a wild horse shaking their body.
Feasting, drunk fans!
As soon as he entered, Lin Fan’s gaze was involuntarily attracted by a deck at the highest point.
The deck is located at the highest point of the bar, looking down from above, overlooking everything.
As if this deck is like the throne in this bar, high above, you can only look up.
Not only that!
There was only one person sitting on the entire large deck.
A coquettish woman in a red dress.
She is like the queen in the whole club!
Those jade hands shook the red wine glass, and the dignity and temperament that they tasted lightly made people thrilled.
It seems that Lin Fan’s gaze was generally observed. Wen Qian in front could not help showing a touch of contempt and playfulness on her pretty face:
“You little turtle, haven’t you seen it? Tell you, that is the Rose Throne of the Shengshi Club! Also the master here— —Blood Rose’s private deck! Apart from her, there is no second person to sit on! ”
Blood Rose!
These three words are extremely unfamiliar to Lin Fan, but to the entire Jiang City, no one knows.
You don’t have blood to kill, but blood will kill you!
The blood rose is a figure with hands and eyes open to the sky in Jiang Shi, who eats black and white, is famous and no one dares to mess with.
When they heard these three words, even Bai Yi’s pretty face paled, and he dared not stay, and He Wen Qian continued to walk towards the second floor.
But behind them, Lin Fan frowned slightly.
Do not know why!
He felt that the “Blood Rose” was a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.
Lin Fan shook his head lightly, didn’t care at the moment, and followed the two of them to the second floor.
at the same time!
Above the Rose Throne, Blood Rose tasted the red wine lightly while staring at a photo in his hand, looking surprised, confused, grateful and excited.
“So you are my boss!”
Blood Rose looked at the man in the photo in his hand. At this moment, it seemed to be back ten years ago.
At that time, she was still a little girl, and her family was undergoing tremendous changes. Her parents and relatives were all killed by a group of international giants who sought revenge.
And just when she thought that she would definitely die too.
But a teenager appeared.
The boy was only thirteen or fourteen years old, but he had a ghostly skill beyond everyone’s imagination. All thirty-two gold medal killers under the international giant murderer died in the boy’s hands.
till the end!
The international tycoon also died tragically in the hands of a teenager.
He saved her life!
The blood rose will never be forgotten, that young boy’s immature and firm face is her benefactor.
Until she grew up, she became the master of the Shengshi Club, but she continued to send people to find the whereabouts of her benefactor.
until today!
When a photo was sent to her, she realized that her benefactor back then was her current boss!
“Although ten years have passed, I will never forget your face!”
Blood Rose looked at the photo, surprised and hesitated.
The man in this photo is…Lin Fan!
And at this moment!
When the light of the blood rose swept over a figure that had just walked up to the second floor, her body trembled fiercely, and she could hardly believe her eyes:
“He…he is…” At this moment, she was completely The person scratched, stood up from the deck, and compared the photo in his hand with the face of the man in front of him.
Until she was sure she was alone.
The pretty face changed a lot, as if she was crazy, she quickly got off the deck.

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