Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 511

When Bai Yi and Lin Fan came back, the Bai family was taken aback for a while, and then they thought of the content of the uncle Bai Hai’s phone, and suddenly laughed.
“Hahaha… My third son, your son-in-law is really rubbish too, this time, let’s go for nothing! It deserves it!”
“Yes! Uncle, this main road has been blocked, and now there is only the big man and Yunhai City.” The big guys, Lin Fan and Bai Yi are afraid they won’t be here until midnight!”
Many of the Bai family members sneered at the Baishan couple.
Later in the night?
Hakusan frowned, puzzled and said:
“But, Lin Fan just called to say immediately to ah how late at night it might be!?”
Immediately went to?
Bai Shan’s words caused the ridicule of the Bai family to stop slightly, and then after everyone reacted.
Suddenly, the burst of laughter resounded:
“Hahaha… I didn’t expect that Lin Fan would not only deceive himself and others, but even the old man!”
“Yes, now on Yunjiang Road, the whole journey is closed! Only those twenty A Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes-Benz, and all other vehicles are not allowed to travel together! Can Lin Fan still fly back?”
“That guy is an unreliable trash!”
At the moment, many Bai family members laughed forward and backward.
In their eyes, it was obvious that Lin Fan was bragging, and the victimized Baishan couple were waiting now, fearing that they would have to wait until midnight.
The sound of sarcasm and swearing resounded endlessly.
And hearing these voices, the expressions of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei became more ugly.
Even everyone around didn’t believe Lin Fan, but the husband and wife knew that Lin Fan never lied.
He said he would be there soon, so he must be there soon.
“Let’s go to the side and wait!” Baishan said to his wife Shen Yumei. At the moment, the husband and wife walked straight to a corner of the parking lot and waited slowly.
See this scene.
The ridicule of the Bai family against the Baishan couple became more intense.
In their eyes.
Not only is Lin Fan an unreliable liar, but the Baishan couple are also pure fools.
But at this moment.
Screams burst out from the crowd.
“Look, there are car lights in front! Could it be that the big guy’s car is coming?”
As this scream sounded, for a moment, one after another glances, looking towards the front of the main road.
Suddenly, under their shocking sight, a series of extremely bright car lights appeared in the sight of everyone.
It turned out to be a team.
In particular, ten Rolls-Royces cleared the way in the front, appearing in front of everyone in an extremely shocking scene.
Cloud D00000!
Cloud D66666!
Cloud D88888!

One after another, the blinding license plates made the shocking screams among the crowd of Jiangshi big guys louder and louder.
“Oh my God, that Yun D00000, I know! It turned out to be Fei Lao’s car, it seems that the news is right!”
“Yun D66666, is the car of the Qi family of Yunhai City! Unexpectedly, Qi Lao really personally Escort! This is so scary!
“Big guy! The person being escorted is definitely a provincial-level boss, but I don’t know who came to Jiang City?”
“…” There was an uproar among the Jiang City crowd.
The face of almost every Jiangshi boss was full of excitement and excitement.
Even the members of the Bai family turned red with excitement, and they grasped the gifts in their hands tighter.
But at this moment.
A telephone ringing rang from Baishan’s body.

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