Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 528

Lin Fan called out softly.
And this voice, like an electric current, made Bai Yi’s body tremble fiercely.
Both eyes looked at each other, full of strong friendship.
And just under the beating hearts of the two, Lin Fan lowered his head, and his lips slowly approached Bai Yi’s lips.
Little after little!
Until Lin Fan could no longer contain his feelings, he kissed Bai Yi’s lips fiercely.
Bai Yi’s body trembled fiercely, and her beautiful eyes turned round in an instant.
She even felt her body, as if a trace of electric current was flying through it, making her body’s strength completely disappear.
Not only that.
At this moment, she was completely trapped in the softness of red lips, which made Bai Yi’s breathing more and more rapid, and her pretty face became more and more beautiful.
“Lin…Lin Fan! Don’t…”
Bai Yi was completely emotional.
After three years of marriage, Bai Yi has been extremely resistant to Lin Fan during these three years, and the two have never had any physical contact.
But knowing that in the last few months, Bai Yi discovered that he had fallen in love with this man unconsciously.
Even if he was useless for a lifetime, even if he didn’t live up to his life, Bai Yi knew that he would never be separated from this man, from life to death.
“Wife, I love you!”
A happy smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth.
One of his big hands moved slowly towards Bai Yi’s body.
Those slender waists, those round breasts, those suffocating hips, and those exquisite legs.
This little bit, a little bit, made the fire in Lin Fan’s heart more vigorous.
A button was slowly relieved by Lin Fan, and suddenly the stalwart on Bai Yi’s chest appeared before his eyes.
But it was the sound of this button that suddenly caused Bai Yiru to be struck by lightning:
She pushed Lin Fan away, and then the whole person didn’t know where the strength came from, and quickly got up from the bed.
At this moment, her hair was a little messy, her pretty face flushed, like a red apple, panting hard, her beautiful eyes blurred.
“Lin…Lin Fan! Yes, I’m sorry!”
When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan’s stunned look, Bai Yi’s heart suddenly showed a deep apology:
“I, I didn’t mean to refuse you, but this is us. For the first time, I think… after a while, let it be full of ritual!”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, a trace of pleading appeared in his beautiful eyes.
She has already fallen in love with this man, and naturally doesn’t mind giving herself to him, but she prefers perfection!
With a sense of ritual, let Lin Fan and myself have no regrets in this life.
Seeing Bai Yi’s nervous and overwhelmed look, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smiled slightly:
“Wife, don’t worry, I understand!”
Lin Fan smiled slightly.
He has been waiting for three years, so naturally he doesn’t care and waits longer.
And this sentence instantly made Bai Yi’s heart surge with love.
At this moment, she found that she really loved this man.
“Thank you, old…husband!”
This is definitely the first time Bai Yi called Lin Fan this way in three years.
And after speaking, she was immediately ashamed and hard to behold, and the blushing pretty face seemed to be bleeding to the extreme.
When Lin Fan heard this word, his heart felt even hotter.
His gaze glanced behind Bai Yi’s hot figure and the messy and charming face.
Lin Fan couldn’t help but smiled:
“Well, my wife, I’ll give you a massage, let’s go to sleep!”

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