Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 527

at the same time!
In Bai Yi’s house, there was a cheerful atmosphere.
Shen Yumei made a sumptuous table of dishes, and the family ate them happily.
This time, the New Bai’s Group successfully won the Blue Ocean Building, and it became an instant success to the new Bai’s name. This is indeed a thing to celebrate.
Lin Fan and Baishan drank some white wine, and even Bai Yi and Shen Yumei’s mother and daughter drank some red wine.
Until they were full, Bai Yi and Lin Fan returned to their rooms.
Lin Fan walked into the room, only to find that Bai Yi had a pretty face, red and gorgeous, like a flower in full bloom, showing a kind of charming and enchanting.
However, her eyes were staring at herself, scrutinizing and questioning.
“Old…wife, why are you looking at me like this?”
Lin Fan asked with a guilty conscience, could not help but smile.
And heard this.
Bai Yi’s pretty face became even more cold, and the look in Lin Fan’s eyes was also filled with a complex color:
“Lin Fan, how did you do it?”
“Uh…what did you do? Wife , I don’t know what you are talking about?” The look on Lin Fan’s face became more embarrassed.
Seeing that this product was still pretending, Bai Yi’s jade hand slapped the head of the bed fiercely:
“Lin Fan, don’t pretend, I know all about your identity!”
This sentence shocked Lin Fan, but after he carefully observed the sly in Bai Yi’s eyes, he smiled and said:
“My wife, I was originally seen through by you! Okay, I admit it. !”
Admit it!
Lin Fan’s words made Bai Yi’s heart completely lifted.
After three years of marriage, does she finally want to know the true identity of her husband?
Thinking of this, Bai Yi’s heart was bitter, struggling, confused, and deeply lost.
“Go ahead!”
Bai Yi gritted his teeth tightly, forcibly calming himself.
She knew that Lin Fan’s next words were likely to subvert her three views and completely shocked her.
See this scene.
Lin Fan’s face couldn’t help but a strong dignified color appeared, and then shook his head and sighed and said:
“My wife, I am actually a kitchen guard! I am a floor cleaner! I am my wife’s flower protector, and I am our new Bai’s patron saint!”
What is it?
Bai Yi’s entire pretty face was instantly frozen in a deep stunned shock.
Isn’t this guy trying to show his true identity?
What the hell is the kitchen guard?
What the hell is the floor cleaner?
When Bai Yi saw the smile at the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth, she realized that she had been fooled by this bastard.
“Lin Fan, you…you bastard actually fooled me!” As he said, Bai Yi pounced on Lin Fan.
However, she had just drunk a lot of red wine. At this moment, she suddenly stood up from the head of the bed, but felt the world was spinning, and flew into Lin Fan’s arms, and then the two fell heavily on the bed.
Bai Yi was startled, but when she sensed the warmth on Lin Fan’s chest and the traces of strong masculine aura, her pretty face turned completely red.
“Lin Fan, you… get up and let me go!”
Bai Yi wanted to struggle to get up from Lin Fan.
However, her charming virgin fragrance, as well as that charming and thrilling face, and her enchanting and perfect body immediately made Lin Fan’s heart tremble.

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