Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 537

Jiangshi, after experiencing the shock of the establishment of the New Baishi Group, this third-tier small city has fallen into a relatively peaceful state.
However, this calm did not last long.
A piece of news once again caused a sensation in Xiaojiang City.
Leng Bufan, the son of Leng Kang, President of Shengshi Group, came to Jiangcheng.
Shengshi Group!
When these four words were introduced into the ears of all the upper-class figures in Jiang City, they immediately caused a sensation in Jiang City.
Almost everyone knows that the two giants, Tianlong Group and Shengshi Club in Jiangshi, are the industries of Shengshi Group.
And Shengshi Group is a group of the world’s most terrifying chaebol Global Group.
Known as the Jiangnan business giant.
The position of the son of the president of this super chaebol is quite frightening.
This is more than that.
Even more news broke that Master Leng Bufan sent out an invitation, inviting young talents from Jiang City to a dinner party.
Suddenly, many broad young sons in Jiang City were completely shaken.
Even many wealthy women began to buy new clothes constantly, and prepared for the banquet with a smile and hard work.
at the same time!
In the New Bai Group, Bai Yi also received the invitation.
“Wife, are you going?” Lin Fan asked with a smile looking at Bai Yi.
For some reason, after Bai Yi received the invitation, her pretty face was a bit ugly, with a trace of complexity and worry.
“Lin Fan, do you know who sent me this invitation?”
Bai Yi asked Lin Fan.
Lin Fan was taken aback, then shook his head.
Seeing this scene, Bai Yi couldn’t help but sighed and said:
“Do you remember Xu Yanhong?”
Xu Yanhong!
Lin Fan naturally remembers this name. Some time ago, when Bai Yi had just become the president of the Bai Group, the two of them went to the Best Shopping Mall to buy clothes.
But I met a man and a woman, the man was Huang Tao, and the woman was Xu Yanhong.
At that time, the couple mocked Bai Yi and were slapped in the face by Lin Fan.
After that, they reported to Huang Guosheng, the head of the Huang family, and even colluded with the police captain, wanting to disadvantage Lin Fan. Finally, Liu Zhen and the others came forward and arrested the Huang family and Xu Yanhong.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t understand what the dinner had to do with Xu Yanhong, who was already in prison.
“The woman who invited me this time is named Zhou Nan! When she was in school, she and Xu Yanhong were the best best friends! They were also the most hostile people to me!”
“This time, she came back, probably to avenge Xu Yanhong ! ”
white Yi said here, could not help rubbed his brow:
” Even more frightening is that Zhou Nan, now the cold this extraordinary woman, will appear as a banquet hostess “!!
I see!
After hearing Bai Yi’s explanation, Lin Fan couldn’t help narrowing his eyes, then smiled and said:
“Wife. Don’t worry! With me, no one can hurt you!”
Lin Fan’s words were extremely confident.
Just hearing this, Bai Yi smiled bitterly and shook his head.
In her opinion, this is just Lin Fan’s comfort word for herself.
“Forget it! I don’t want to, Shengshi Group, we can’t afford to offend! You go with me tonight! At most we will be humiliated by them, it’s nothing!”
Bai Yi made the decision immediately.
Lin Fan just laughed when he heard this.
As the big BOSS of the Global Group, Shengshi is nothing more than a trivial small industry under his umbrella, nothing more.
Let alone Leng Bufan and Zhou Nan.
In Lin Fan’s eyes, it was just the reptiles who ate on his mountain. If the two were not embarrassed by Bai Yi, it would be fine. If they were too much, then Lin Fan wouldn’t mind letting these reptiles know the taste of despair.

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