Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 539

Shen Jian!
Bai Yifan!
Lin Guangyao!
Looking at these three pairs of men and women, Bai Yi’s pretty face is hard to see.
She didn’t expect that before even entering the hotel door, she would meet these three people with hatred.
And the three Lin Guangyao, after discovering their alliance, all smiled extremely happily.
Their gazes kept looking at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, especially after seeing Lin Fan still wearing casual clothes, they were even more happy.
“Hahaha… cousin, do you have no money in the New Bai Group? Look at Lin Fan, even if you participate in such an important occasion, you are still so shabby!” As he said, Bai Yifan took out his wallet, and then took it out The two red tickets were thrown in front of Lin Fan:
“Here! Lin Fan, take these two money and go buy a carpet goods! The one you have now must be good!”
“After all, you In other words, he is also the son-in-law of our Bai family. Don’t make people laugh at it! ”
Two red tickets drifted slowly under Lin Fan’s feet.
This scene made Lin Fan’s eyes cold slightly, but he hadn’t waited for anything to say.
Next to the sink and construction influence of site management, he has also smiled and spoke and said:
“!!! Ha ha ha …… Yes Lin Fan, you say how is my brother give Shen Jian table, two hundred regarded sponsor you.”
“Gee Lin Fan, I’m Bai Yi’s class leader, I also sponsor you two hundred yuan! ”
At this moment, there are four more red tickets, slowly falling under Lin Fan’s feet to humiliate!
This is naked humiliation.
This scene filled Bai Yi’s pretty face with intense anger.
And just when she wanted to scold the three of them, she was stunned to see that Lin Fan didn’t even have the slightest anger. Instead, she bent down with a smile and picked up the six red tickets from the ground:
“Hey Thank you so much!”
“It just so happens that I heard that you need to pay for the admission of Caesars Hotel today! It seems that the six hundred dollars is enough!”
Whether it was Bai Yi or Bai Yifan and the others, it was obvious that Lin Fan would be so calm.
Especially, does Caesar Hotel need to pay for admission?
how can that be!
This is just a hotel. They have never heard of any hotel that needs to be paid for admission.
Moment, Bai Yifan, who face ridicule, the more full-bodied up:
“Lin Fan, you are not short of money missing silly little cold banquets at Caesar Hotel, here’s how admission will need to pay!!”
“Yes Ah, Lin Fan, listening to you, how do you feel like the owner of Caesars Hotel! Hahaha…”
“Cut! Caesars Hotel does not pay, I don’t know, but you are so shabby. I’m afraid. You can’t even enter the door of the hotel!”
Caesar Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Jiang City.
Everyone who enters the door needs to be dressed neatly, with a suit and tie, which is almost standard.
Lin Fan was dressed in casual clothes, and he was afraid that he could not even enter the hotel door.
“Can’t you enter the door?”
Lin Fan smiled, watching the three of them playfully and said:
“Are you sure?”
“Hahaha…Of course, you are so shabby, if you can enter the Caesars Hotel, I will be Bai Yifan ……” Bai Yifan was about to make ruthless words right now.
However, his words have not yet been exported.
I was stunned to see that a group of silhouettes rushed out of the Caesar Hotel.

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