Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 546

“Everyone knows that our Shengshi Group is about to have new projects to invest in Jiangshi! In addition, we will choose a group for in-depth cooperation!”
When Leng Bufan’s words were heard, everyone around him suddenly became even more boiling.
Shengshi Group will cooperate with a group in Jiangshi!
This is great news for all groups in Jiangshi.
In particular, everyone knows that who can get on the chariot of the Shengshi Group, it almost means that it will rise to the top and rise to the sky.
Just now.
Everyone looked in Bai Yi’s direction.
Leng Bufan was praising Bai Yi just now, which means that the New Bai Group is more likely to be the lucky one.
The gazes looking at Bai Yi one after another were filled with envy and jealousy.
In the eyes of everyone, it seems to be able to get Leng Bufan’s favor, this is definitely a great fortune.
“Okay! Prom will be on soon!”
“Everyone can choose their favorite partner!”
Leng Bufan did not continue to say more, as he announced.
Immediately inside the box, a melodious music sounded.
In the sound of this music, young talents brought their dance partners to the dance floor in the center of the box and began to dance.
Leng Bufan did not invite his girlfriend Zhou Nan, but slowly came to Bai Yi’s body.
Then he bent down, like a gentleman, and stretched out his hand to Bai Yi : “Miss Bai Yi, can I ask you to dance?”
This scene caused Bai Yi’s pretty face to change slightly. She did not expect that this Leng Bufan was so arrogant, knowing that her husband was by her side, she even came to invite herself directly.
This is simply humiliating himself, and even more humiliating Lin Fan.
“Sorry! I’m not interested!” In Bai Yi’s eyes, a deep look of disgust flashed, and immediately she stretched out her hand, and the host held Lin Fan’s arm tightly.
This scene made Leng Bufan’s complexion a little gloomy.
He didn’t expect that this Bai Yi would still not take the bait when he showed so straightforward.
after all!
As long as she has a relationship with herself, their New Bai Group will surely become the lucky one.
Is this woman not afraid to offend herself and lose the opportunity to cooperate with Shengshi Group?
Thought of this.
Leng Bufan’s gaze couldn’t help but glared at Lin Fan.
After all, being compared by a well-known waste son-in-law, he was so cold and shameless.
However, although Leng Bufan was angry at this moment, he did not immediately attack.
Instead, a pair of eyes stared at Lin Fan and said playfully, “Lin Fan, how about we talk?”
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s pretty face showed a look of worry, she couldn’t help but grasped Lin Fan’s palm and signaled Lin Fan not to agree.
However, Lin Fan smiled slightly:
After finishing speaking, Lin Fan patted Bai Yi’s jade hand, indicating that she didn’t need to worry, and immediately walked towards the corner of the box with Leng Bufan.
And see this scene.
Zhou Nan quickly walked towards Bai Yi and started chatting.
At the moment, the atmosphere in the box is a bit weird.
Almost everyone looked at Lin Fan and Leng Bufan intentionally or unintentionally. They wondered if Master Leng Bufan had anything to talk about with Lin Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law.
However, as soon as the two of them walked to the corner, Lin Fan’s expression sank as soon as the cold words came out:
“Lin Fan, make a price! Your woman, I want it!”

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