Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 548

“Yeah, Miss Zhou must find out! If you are stolen, you must catch the thief!”
“Who is such a lowly person who dares to steal the diamond ring from someone else’s girlfriend at a cold young banquet!”
“… …” The shouts of many young talents around, one after another.
Hearing everyone’s words, Zhou Nan’s face showed a trace of anger:
“This ruby ​​and diamond ring was bought for me for less than 10 million yuan! It was originally intended to be used as an engagement ring, but now it’s better. eating guts, dare to steal my ring! ”
she said!
Zhou Nan’s eyes, even peering eye on white Iraq, ferocious, said:
“! White Iraq, I have come, I still rings, and you chatted for a day, the ring will be gone ‘ ,”
said Did you steal it? ”
This sentence of Zhou Nan made Bai Yi feel confused.
From the beginning, when Zhou Nan came over to chat with herself, she didn’t even notice Zhou Nan’s ring. How could she steal it?
And for Bai Yi.
She has never been interested in these gold and silver jewelry.
At this moment, when she saw the questioning glances of everyone around her, Bai Yi was completely panicked:
“Zhou Nan, I…I didn’t steal your ring! I didn’t…”
Bai Yi’s face was pale.
It’s just that as soon as her words fell, Zhou Nan’s screams came again:
“Bai Yi, don’t pretend! When I sat down just now, you were still envious of my diamond ring! In a blink of an eye, mine The ring is gone. There are only two of us here. You didn’t steal it. Could it be that I couldn’t steal it?”
Zhou Nan’s words immediately caused an uproar in the surroundings again.
The rich second-generation eldest ladies almost all stood in Zhou Nan’s position, and they frantically accused Bai Yi : “Bai Yi, how do you say he is also a president, and he did this kind of stealing thing? , I simply lost our Jiangshi people’s face!”
“Yeah! It’s shameful to see you look so beautiful and do some sneaky things!”
“Bai Yi, your husband can’t afford a diamond ring, but you don’t buy it less Affordable! Shao Leng likes you so much, if you want, let Shao Leng send you to you, why steal it?”
Accusations, swearing, ridicule.
Only Zhou Nan’s accusation made everyone’s spearhead aimed at Bai Yi.
Even in the eyes of everyone, they have already determined that Bai Yi is a thief.
See this scene.
Bai Yi was completely confused.
She faintly felt that something was wrong, as if all this was Zhou Nan deliberately framed herself, but no matter how she wanted to explain, everyone around didn’t listen.
A deep anxiety emerged in Bai Yi’s heart.
A trace of water mist filled her beautiful eyes, making her look weaker and helpless.
But this does not stop.
Da da da!
Cold extraordinary menacing stepping from, the face of fierce Nu Sheng shouted:
“! Come”
with His words.
Everyone suddenly saw that the door of the box room was suddenly pushed open from outside, and then six majestic men in black rushed in as if a tiger came out of the cage.
The momentum of these six people is cold and fierce.
It seems that six hungry wolves just rushed in, and the terrifying aura caused the temperature of the entire box to drop several degrees.
They rushed and staggered the surrounding guests, before blinking in front of Leng Bufan.

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