Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 551

The red thing, as if it had eyes, flew into Zhou Nan’s pocket at an incredible speed.
All this is insignificant.
Even the six evil spirits in Lingnan just seemed to see a flash of red, thinking that they were dazzled and didn’t see what it was.
Following Lin Fan’s words, everyone around was in an uproar.
Is the ring on Zhou Nan?
how can that be!
Zhou Nan said before that it was clearly worn on her hand, but now it is gone. If Zhou Nan put it away, then she must know it.
Suddenly, everyone around them looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.
The most intense reaction was Zhou Nan.
She yelled at Lin Fan angrily:
“Boy, what are you farting! The ring was worn on my hand before, and I didn’t take it off at all. How could it be on me!”
“It must be. Your wife stole it! Get it on me, chase away this gibberish little beast, and search me for the body of that hooves!”
“Even if you strip her clothes naked, you have to find me the ring! ”
Zhou Nan’s face was full of resentment, and the meaning of the words was even more vicious.
And heard this.
Lingnan six fierce moment there is no slightest concern, nodded his head, then the forefront of a fierce, fist waving the sky, will be facing the Lin Fan who spent severely:
“! Boy, get out of here,”
As the vicious words fell, everyone heard it, and a fierce iron fist made a buzzing sound that almost exploded the air, and it hit Lin Fan’s chest severely.
fast! quasi! ruthless!
Everyone around felt that this punch was like a hammer, even if it was a steel plate, it would be smashed.
“It’s over! This kid is going to be knocked out!”
“It’s a terrible punch. I’m afraid it’s Mr. Kong Sheng, the No. 1 Chinese Magician in Jiangnan, and he can’t catch it!”
“This is so angry !” The voice, I am afraid it is the realm of the quasi-grandmaster!”
The many young talents around are also knowledgeable people.
Many of them have even seen Mr. Kong Sheng, the first master of Jiangnan’s art, and compared with this murder, they are afraid that they are inferior.
This is definitely a 100% prospective master.
It’s over…
Almost everyone seemed to see that Lin Fan was hit by this fist, fearing that he would break one of his ribs, and be blasted out like a dead dog.
But at this moment, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.
Facing a fierce and terrifying punch, Lin Fan did not dodge, but under the unbelievable sight of everyone, he lifted the punch and then fiercely met him.
Seeing this scene, everyone around was shocked.
Face hard steel?
This guy is crazy.
The faces of everyone around him showed the appearance of seeing a ghost, and the gaze looking at Lin Fan was as if they were looking at a madman and an idiot.
Especially Bai Yifan, Shen Jian and Lin Guangyao among the crowd.
The three of them almost hated Lin Fan. Seeing that Lin Fan was overpowered and wanted to fight a fierce blast, the three people’s faces suddenly showed a strong expression of excitement and ecstasy:
“Idiot! This idiot. I’m afraid that this arm is useless!”
“Yeah! That’s one of the six evil spirits in Lingnan! Ten years ago, he almost dominated the Jiangnan underground world!”
“Hahaha… this idiot is completely over!”

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